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I’m always looking for hair curling tips. My hair is poker straight, naturally, so I look to curling when I want a look that’s a bit different! From tight ringlets to gentle waves, there is a whole variety of different styles to rock, and there is always a new and exciting way to get the look. Here are some of my favorite new hair curling tips!

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Prep First

This is one of those hair curling tips that you either know, or don’t. A London salon promised me that you should follow it, though! First, wash your hair, and dry thoroughly. Then mist a lightweight hair spray throughout the top layers of your hair, and flip your head upside down to get the bottom. The first time I tried this, I used my usual extra-strong hair spray...definitely don't do that. Believe me that lightweight is enough here, unless you want solid hair!


Save the Curl

When you’ve curled a piece of hair, immediately wrap it around your finger and secure to your scalp using a bobby pin or similar. It doesn’t need to be perfect – if it looks a bit messy or the ends stick out, that’s okay. If you're going for ringlets, try to twist them tightly, but otherwise you don't need much pressure, either.


Alternate Curl Types

I was always taught to choose whether to curl your hair inwards or outwards on the barrel depending on the type of curl you want, and stick to it. For a more natural look, though, try mixing it up. Not only will your curls look fresh and natural, but they won’t stick together, either.


Add More Spray

I might be the frugalist hairsprayer ever – I worry that my hair will go hard and look like plastic. I go from normal to Barbie-hair remarkably quickly! Once you’ve got all your hair bobby-gripped to your head, though, spray again with lightweight hairspray. Trust me here. Just try not to get it in your eyes, like I did!



Keep everything clipped up for around five minutes after spraying, and then remove all pins. Five minutes isn’t an exact science, but it’s long enough that the hairspray will have settled, and your curls should be fairly resilient. You can experiment with taking it out after more or less time, but I’d recommend sticking with five initially!


Finger Comb

Don’t be tempted to tidy your hair up with a quick comb – you’ll drag out curls. Instead, rake your fingers through your hair to break up the curls and ensure your hair is lying naturally.


Spray and Play

Finally, once you’ve raked your hair enough that you’re happy with how all the curls are lying, finish with a final spray. If you’re off for a night out, take a mini bottle of hairspray with you, too – it’s perfect for pepping the look up if your curls start to look tired later in the night. Definitely one of the best hair curling tips!

I’ve been trying these tips with a variety of styles, and they’ve worked for every single one so far. Forget hit-and-miss curls; they’re lasting, looking great and attracting plenty of comments! As simple as it sounds, give it a go, and I’m certain that you’ll agree that these are the best hair curling tips ever.

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I don't know how to curl my hair with a straightener

It's amazing also!

I use my straightener

Me its better and easy and fast.

Does anyone else use their straightener ?

I have so much trouble trying to curl my hair so I will definitely be trying this! :)

You need a good curling iron! That's a huge part in curling straight hair! Hot tools is voted by hairstylists around the world and won't break the bank. At ulta they cost about $30 for a 1'. The cheap drugstore irons don't do justice and are awful on your hair!!

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