What Should You Know about Using Curling Wands?

Curling wands are the latest and greatest hair tool to hit the shelves. They produce a lovely and unique curl. But using a curling wand has several differences than using other hair tools. Itโ€™s good to keep these tips in mind when youโ€™re using a curling wand.

1. Wear a Protective Glove

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I canโ€™t imagine using a curling wand without a protective glove. Women do this and Iโ€™m always impressed but Iโ€™ve not reached this level of skill yet. Wear a protective glove, at least until youโ€™re more experienced with your curling wand. After some practice, you may be able to go gloveless. But until then, a protective glove offers you protection from painful burns.

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