What Should You Know about Using Curling Wands?


Curling wands are the latest and greatest hair tool to hit the shelves. They produce a lovely and unique curl. But using a curling wand has several differences than using other hair tools. It’s good to keep these tips in mind when you’re using a curling wand.

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Wear a Protective Glove

I can’t imagine using a curling wand without a protective glove. Women do this and I’m always impressed but I’ve not reached this level of skill yet. Wear a protective glove, at least until you’re more experienced with your curling wand. After some practice, you may be able to go gloveless. But until then, a protective glove offers you protection from painful burns.


Point the Wand Downward

This was awkward for me to do at first. It’s so opposite of how you use a curling iron. The trick that helped me remember this was to point the cord toward the ceiling and the wand toward the floor. That visual made it seem less confusing. It may take awhile to get the hang of doing this and that’s okay.


Wrap Away from Your Face

To get the best curls, you want to wrap your hair away from your face. This may feel awkward if you’ve been used to curling in the opposite direction. Again, you need to give yourself time to adjust. In time, it’ll be second nature to you. It may take some practice but you’ll get there.


Shake It out and Spray

After you’ve got your hair completely curled, you’re at this step in styling. What do you do with all of your curls? They need to be softened a bit. Most women find that shaking it out by flipping their hair over and running their fingers through it works well. Basically, you just need to play with it until it looks the way you want it to.


Get Second or Third Day Styling out of It

Let’s be honest. Curling your hair with a curling wand is a lot of trouble. But the payoff of beautiful curls is big. But who wants to do that work everyday? See if you can get a second or third day out of your curls. Not only does this save you time but it saves your hair from damage by exposing it to less heat styling.

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Only Use the Heat You Need

You may be in the habit of turning your styling tools on and jacking the temperature up high. But, youou may not need as high of a heat setting as you think. Try dialing your heat setting back by 25 degrees each time you use your curling wand and other heat styling tools until you discover how much heat you truly need. If you can style your hair with less heat, that’s always a good thing. Lower heat equals less damage to your hair.


Watch Some Tutorials to Have an Example

I would’ve really struggled with learning to use a curling wand if I hadn’t had video tutorials to help me. There’s just something about watching a hair styling technique demonstrated that helps you get it. You can even re-watch certain portions to help you master wherever you’re stuck. I loved this tutorial

by Anna Saccone on YouTube. It helped me tremendously!

These’re some tips to help you with using your curling wand. What part has been difficult for you? What tips can you share?

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I still have to let my mom curl my hair for me😂😂😂😂

Love my gvp (generic brand) wand I bought from Sallys. It does an amazing curl. For only $35, it definitely compares to Enzo Milano which sells for $120!

Just make sure to use a heat protectant, tool gets really hot. Has 2 settings. I have thick long hair, I use the hottest temp. And if your new w/a wand, give it some trys& practice w/the glove they provide you

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