17 Struggles All People with Big Hair Know All Too Well ...


17 Struggles All People with Big Hair Know All Too Well ...
17 Struggles All People with Big Hair Know All Too Well ...

Big hair, don't care – right? Yeeeah, not so much. Although women with big, lush locks πŸ‘©πŸ½ are the envy of people with fine, lank, thin, limp, or short hair, it's no picnic all the time. It's hot, it's heavy, it's wild, and it can even give you a headache – all that weight, you know. It's horrifically hot in the summertime, it's the mortal enemy of every hair elastic ever invented, and it destroys your hat game as a matter of course. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven πŸ˜‡, but if you have big, beautiful hair, I bet you know all about the struggle.

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When Your Hair Becomes Your Beard πŸŽ… in Every Photo

person, profession, Leviathan, Now, know, True facts, you can easily turn big hair into facial hair – and sometimes, it's not even on purpose.


One Errant Gust of Wind 🌬 and You Are Suddenly Blind

hair, hairstyle, pattern, hand, CHLOE, Of course, you know better than to go out on a windy day when you're wearing your hair down.


You Have Way Too Much in Common with the Girl from the Ring

hair, hairstyle, singer, singing, This is not your idea of a soul sister, tbh.


You Murder Hair Ties …

hair, black and white, hairstyle, figure drawing, sketch, It's a massacre, honestly – thousands and thousands of precious, stretchy lives lost because they could not withstand the pressure of holding in your hair.


… and Brushes Constantly

photography, black and white, facial expression, art, portrait photography, You know you're in for a rough day when you start off by breaking your brush for the tenth time.


You've Yet to Find a Hat That Fits You πŸ‘’

person, art, singing, stage, blond, They all flatten your hair and make you feel like your brain is about to be squeezed out of your ears.


The Same Goes for Hoodies

Fox 5 DC, hair, hairstyle, bangs, singing, No matter what you do, your hair spills out and probably ends up in your mouth.


Your Top Knot πŸ‘Έ is so Huge, It Hits the Ceiling of Your Car

hair, hairstyle, supermodel, model, singing, Not only is it distracting as hell, but it effectively ruins your hairdo of the day.


When Someone Sits behind Your Top Knot, You Genuinely Feel Bad

ape, There's no way the people behind you can see over your big bun, no way.


Brushing Your Hair Doesn't Actually Make It More Manageable at All

clothing, hair, person, model, photography, You just break your brush, really.


Humidity is Not Your Friend 🌞

person, profession, kyliedennercandAds, Humidity just makes your hair bigger and sweatier, then it laughs at you.


TSA ✈️ Always Pats down Your Hair

hair, hairstyle, black hair, singing, singer, Because who knows what's hiding in there – knives, needles, grenades, Elvis.


You Have 1,000 Bobby Pins

hair, person, hairstyle, emotion, singing, Half of them are still lost in your hair, though.


The Struggle of Headphones 🎧 is Atrocious

person, facial expression, emotion, singer, singing, They never fit, they never cover your ears, and you've probably broken a pair before – thank goodness for earbuds, right?


Drying Your Hair Takes an Eternity, Give or Take

person, hair, hairstyle, skin, mouth, If you put it up while before it's dry, it will still be wet seven days later.


Ditto for Washing 🚿

singing, person, musician, singer, DEMETRIASASSVAT, The β€œquarter-size dollop” you're supposed to use is more like seventy-five cents, ha!


You Use so Much Conditioner!

clothing, red, color, black, white, Half a bottle of conditioner every time and you still have mad tangles when you get out.

Who out there has big hair? Tell us your woes!

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Lmao that's so rightttt

haha, guilty here!

Haha! How can this be so true? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This is so true! I luckily have been blessed with a small head as far as hats. But it also makes it that much more suffocating because I have so much hair!!! Buzzing the sides does help unless your hair grows wicked fast like mine!!!

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