Try These Super Simple and Easy Hacks for Common Hair Problems ...


Try These Super Simple and Easy Hacks for Common Hair Problems ...
Try These Super Simple and Easy Hacks for Common Hair Problems ...

Having problems with your hair? You're not alone! Here I've thought of some of the most common hair problems as well as how you can combat them!

All of the products I've suggested using are my own personal favourites and have greatly improved my hair so that's why I wanted to share them with you - please comment if you've tried any of them and let me know what you thought! 😊 ❤️

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Frizzy Hair

beauty, skin, product, cosmetics, cream, It's finally time to wave goodbye to waking up to frizzy, untamed hair! To combat this, use anti-frizz products that will target and reduce signs of frizzyness. A lot of these products are to be applied on damp hair and spread from roots to ends, so you can easily massage them into your hair straight after a shower.

I can personally recommend the whole Frizz-Ease product line by John Frieda - I have pretty much the whole range and find them really useful!


Split Ends

scissors, tool, Is there anything worse than seeing all those pesky split ends on your hair?! To combat this, you can either go get a trim at your local hairdresser, or if you're trying to save money and don't see the point of this you can do it yourself at home!

For the latter all you need is a sharp pair of hair scissors, and every couple of weeks lightly 'dust' the ends of your hair - which basically means to cut off any split ends. Whatever you do, don't use blunt scissors as these can have the opposite effect by making your hair more prone to split ends!


Dry Ends

Moroccanoil, lotion, Oil, treatment, for, It's not very pleasant when you feel the ends of your hair and they remind you of straw due to dryness! Dry ends are super common because the ends of your hair are actually the oldest and are most likely to dry out before the rest of your hair, since natural oils have further to reach. This is why it's so important to keep the ends hydrated and healthy - especially as your hair gets longer!

To combat dry ends, use a hydrating serum specifically for the ends of your hair - specifically one for damp hair so that it stays hydrated as your hair air dries! Moroccan oil is especially good for dry ends and is super hydrating - I've found it really helpful so I can also personally recommend this.



KMS California, product, skin, lotion, deodorant, So you might have super healthy hair but that doesn't stop those pesky little fly-aways! This refers to the little stray hairs that are too short to be in sync with the rest of your hair, or strands of hair that simply stand out, having gone rogue!

To combat fly-aways and stray hairs, invest in a product which will smooth these strands down and force them into staying put. I can personally recommend using 'Hair Play Moulding Paste' by KMS California.


Oily Hair

product, skin, nectar, lotion, produce, Oily hair is a bit harder to treat than dry hair because you don't want to be adding too much product or serums to it in the danger of making it even more oily!

One way to combat oily hair is to change up your shampoo and conditioner by opting for ones that are specifically for oily hair and aims to cut through grease and oil. Also, take special care to avoid any with argan oil and silicone as these induce oily hair instead of reducing it!


Hair Breakage

Good Hair Day, hair iron, cosmetics, glasses, clips, If you've noticed hair breakage it could be because you're not being gentle enough with your hair or due to the fact that your hair is not very strong.

A friend once told me to 'treat your hair like every strand is made of gold'...and I laughed at the time because it sounds so cheesy and silly! But the thing is, hair breaks more easily than you might think and it's super easy to forget this and be a bit careless with it.

The best thing you can do to prevent hair breakage is to change small things to look after it better and remember to be gentle! Brush it twice a day and don't rush this time. Don't pull it too roughly when you're styling it, lay off heat appliances and other general things like that!


Hair Growth

lotion, product, skin care, thick, full, And lastly, if you want to grow your hair long and luscious you obviously need to be taking care of it really well, keeping it healthy and doing anything you can to promote hair growth. Luckily there are heaps and heaps of products, shampoos and conditioners out there for hair growth so you should definitely give these a try.

Above all, though, just remember to be patient and do everything you can to keep your hair is excellent condition!

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