How to Take Care of Hair Extensions to Keep Them Looking Good for Longer ...


How to Take Care of Hair Extensions to Keep Them Looking Good for Longer ...
How to Take Care of Hair Extensions to Keep Them Looking Good for Longer ...

It's important to know how to take care of hair extensions if you're going to wear them. We often damage our hair without knowing it. Things like a polluted environment, lack of vitamins or genes can all play a role. And in order to fix the damage or to maintain healthy looking long and thick hair, the majority of the women opt for clip-in hair extensions. These tips for taking care of hair extensions will help keep them looking fabulous for a really long time.

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Do Not Dry the Hair Wefts Using a Towel

This is harmful since terry cloth destroys the structure of the hair, resulting in split ends. For drying, use microfiber or cotton napkins. The most important thing to remember is you shouldn’t rub your extensions so you might find that the best thing to do is to let them air dry.


Do Not Use Heat Styling Tools

Never dry clip-in hair extensions with a hairdryer and do not use a curling iron or straightener without thermal protection. Heat can really damage your extensions. Use thermal protection products designed for hair extensions to protect them.


Comb Your Hair from the Bottom up

This rule is very important. Both your hair and clip-in extensions must be combed starting from the ends and gradually moving to the roots. If you go top to bottom, you can tear out strands and cause damage.


Wait before Drying, if You Must

If you really want to use a hair dryer, do not rush. Wait for 20 minutes before getting started. When the hair extensions are a little bit dry, the hot air will not have the same negative effect if you dried them right after washing.


Avoid Very Tight Pins or Rubber Bands

Try not to use accessories that are extremely tight, as this can pull on your extensions and damage them. Loose hairstyles are best.


Beware of Frequent Washing

Like your natural hair, over washing your extensions can dry them out and damage them. Too keep yours looking nice, wash only every couple of days. If you must wash daily, experts suggest using just a small bit of shampoo.


Limit the Amount of Hairspray You Use

Your clip in extensions should hold their shape pretty well without styling products. If you find that you need to smooth your strands or you just want a little extra hold, use just a dab of hairspray and be sure that you wash it out well to keep your extensions from being gummed up with too much product.

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