Too Many Bad Hair Days?? This is What You Are Doing Wrong ...


Too Many Bad Hair Days?? This is What You Are Doing Wrong ...
Too Many Bad Hair Days?? This is What You Are Doing Wrong ...

A woman’s hair really should be her crowning glory. You know how your mood can easily be set for the day when you just can’t do anything with your hair or get it right. Your hair isn’t really something that you can afford to mess with on a regular basis, because you can’t change a bad haircut as easily as removing badly applied makeup! To help you keep clear of the red zone, here are eight of the worst things that you can do to your hair!

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Wet Brushing

Sure, you have to put a brush through your hair at some point after getting out of the shower, but doing this too much and too strongly can overstretch it and make it more fragile in a dry state. Stick to a special detangling comb instead.


Cotton Pillowcases

When you spend all night with your hair resting on a cotton pillowcase, it can cause a lot of friction that encourages broken hairs and split ends. Instead, invest in a silk pillowcase that is much kinder to your hair.


Hot Tools

Any hot hair tool that you own will have different heat settings, and you should always avoid using these on their highest heat. There is no need to ever go that hot, you can style your hair just fine at half the heat without having to worry about damage.


Irregular Trimming

I get that it’s easy to wait to visit the hairdresser until you really need a good cut, but going for a regular small trim instead will help to keep the hair much stronger and healthier in the long run.


Hot Wash

The same heat rules apply to washing your hair as using hot tools. You don’t need near boiling temperatures to get shampoo and conditioner out, because this can lead to unnecessary frizz when dried.


Tight Ponytails

Tight ponytails might be practical, but they aren’t the best for your hair. If you wear them too often they can start to pull at your scalp and damage your roots.


Towel Drying

Just like the negative effects of a cotton pillowcase, towel drying your hair isn’t a good way to treat your locks. If you scrub too hard with a towel, you run the risk of breaking hairs and causing long-lasting frizz.


Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo once or twice a week is fine, but you shouldn’t start to rely on it as a first choice option. Too much of a build up on your scalp can lead to skin irritation, dandruff and even root damage if you are not washing it out properly.

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Instead of a towel, use an old t shirt to dry hair!

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