14 Ways to Ruin Your Hair Every Day ...


14 Ways to Ruin Your Hair Every Day ...
14 Ways to Ruin Your Hair Every Day ...

If you have ever had a bad hair day (an I’m absolutely certain that you have), then you will know just how much it can ruin your entire day if your locks are not behaving in the way that you want them to! It can sometimes be baffling just how different your hair can be when you go to bed compared to how it is when you wake up have to get ready for work or school, but don’t worry, I’m going to let you in on a few secrets! Here are fourteen ways to ruin your hair every day.

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Only shampoo companies want you to wash every single day! If you overwash your hair, you can strip a lot of the beneficial natural oils from it and cause it to lose some of its life and volume. Every other day is fine.



Perhaps you aren’t washing thoroughly enough! Hopping in and out of the shower is tempting, but missing spots of your hair will lead to buildup which can cause styling issues.


Wrapping It up

Do you wrap your hair in a towel post shower? If so, you could be roughing it up more than you need to and causing breakage. Instead, just blot it a few times and let it dry in the air.


Wet Brushing

You might be guilty of brushing your strands out when your hair is still too wet and at its most vulnerable. Wait to detangle until you have started drying to avoid breakage.



Sleeping with wet hair is tempting when you are tired at night, but leaving it to play with your pillow is a sure fire way to cause frizz and other nightmare scenarios!


Immediate Blow Dry

If you blow dry your hair directly after getting out of the shower, you should wait a while. The difference between applying heat to soaking wet hair and applying heat to half dry hair is massive in terms of reducing damage and burn.


High Heat

You are using the highest heat settings on your hair tools when you don’t need to be. You can curl and straighten at 275 rather than 450.


Properly Drying

Perhaps you get bored and never quite finish the blow drying thoroughly enough. Leaving it only half done with damp patches is going to affect your entire look.



You don’t style section by section, and because of that, you miss out a lot of parts of your hair when straightening or curling. As they say, divide and conquer!


No Protection

You don’t use any kind of heat or sun protection on your hair when you really should. Just think of it the same way you think of your skin!


Too Much Product

You use too much product on your hair and rather than just doing its job, it starts to build up and cause problems.



The problem can be even worse if you apply too much product directly to your roots. Doing so will make your hair look greasy and flat.


Wrong Products

Perhaps you are using the wrong products for your specific hair type. It isn’t a one item suits all kind of situation, so make sure you do your homework.


Tight Pony

You wear your hair in a tight pony or tight bun all the time. This puts a lot of stress on your follicles, so consider switching things up to give your hair a rest!

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