10 Easy Tricks to Give Your Hair Instant Volume ...


10 Easy Tricks to Give Your Hair Instant Volume ...
10 Easy Tricks to Give Your Hair Instant Volume ...

One of the most common issues that women have with their hair is without a doubt, volume. Specifically, not having enough volume to achieve the kinds of looks we want. Some women are blessed with naturally bouncy and full looking hair, but others have more naturally flat and weightless locks. Don’t get me wrong, both are absolutely fine and beautiful in their own ways, but if you want your flat hair to have more life to it for special occasions, than you need to know the tips and tricks of the trade! Here are ten easy tricks to give your hair instant volume.

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Volumising Shampoo

Do everything you can with products that are specifically designed to help you. In terms of shampoo, obviously the best thing to be doing is finding a brand and type that is dedicated to volumising and adding depth to your hair. They tend to be lighter in their chemical make up so as not to weigh your hair down.


Light Conditioner

And to accompany this shampoo, you want to find a light conditioner that avoids descriptors like ‘richly moisturising’ or ‘smoothing’. These types of heavy conditioners will also weigh your hair down.


Careful Conditioning

If you have a problem with lankness and over oiliness, use only a small amount of conditioner in the shower, and don’t use it near your roots. Instead, start a few inches down and apply to your strands.



Make sure to clarify your hair every week or two to get rid of any product build up that might have occurred. Product build up might not be visible, but it is a definite factor in hair having a lack of bounce.


Add Lift

An easy way to add some lift to your hair is by using root lifting mouse. It’s a great product that isn’t heavy on your hair, and does its job of giving you some height and definition for a temporary time.


Upside down

Use the power of heat and wind by blow drying your hair upside down! It will work to give a stiffer bit of volume around your roots, and though it won’t last all day, the first few hours after doing so are worth it!



If you have poker straight hair, an easy way to add instant volume is by curling it in such a way that it just flicks out at the ends. This will give the look and impression of added volume and thickness.



Waves are always a great option for lifeless hair, so make yourself acquainted with a curling iron and a good quality sea salt spray!



Next time you go to the salon, ask your hairdresser to give you layers. It’s an instant and effective way to add texture and depth with what you have already got.



You can always go about stimulating your hair growth through things like scalp massage, and then making sure that you have lots of protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids in your diet.

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