13 Tips to Get the Shiniest Hair Ever ...


13 Tips to Get the Shiniest Hair Ever ...
13 Tips to Get the Shiniest Hair Ever ...

Sometimes, there are so many different things to worry about and think about when it comes to the upkeep up of your hair, that you often agonise over how easy it is for a guy to just shampoo and comb and be done for the day! As we all know, your hair never quite does what you want it to, and that can be exacerbated if it looks dull on a regular basis. The solution? Try these great tips for getting the shiniest hair ever!

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Cold Rinse

In the same way that cold water can constrict your pores, it can also constrict your hair follicles, and doing this helps to lock in moisture from your shower that will result in your hair looking shinier for longer.


Salon Gloss

A clear gloss treatment is something that can give your hair a wonderful shine, but if you are going to do it, make sure that you save up to have it done by a professional at a salon rather than doing it at home!


Minimal Heat Styling

Try to reduce the amount of heat styling that you put your hair through. A few days off will help your hair to regain some of its natural moisture and it will look shinier. Do a few air dries per week.


Ionic Blow Dryer

It can be really beneficial to invest in an ionic hair dryer, because they dry your hair at a much faster rate and therefore reduce the amount of time you have to apply big heat to your locks.


Professional Blow Dry Techniques

It’s just about the tool, it’s about how you use it. Make sure that you hold the dryer a good few inches away from your hair when using it in order to moderate any heat damage that might occur.

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Protective Products

When you are heat styling, you should never do so without applying some kind of heat protection product first. You can’t afford to let your strands get scorched at all.


Hair Oil

Experiment with using different hair oils. Obviously you don’t want to be slathering on products so that your hair looks greasy, but just the right amount can add a super shiny effect.


Omega Intake

In terms of solving the problem from the inside out, something you can add to your diet to make your hair shinier is foods that contain a lot of omega 3. Salmon, nuts, avocado, all types of seafood, they are all great options.


Less Shampooing

Try to get out of the vicious cycle of shampooing your hair too often. Washing your hair every single day can strip it of its natural oils.


Clarifying Shampoo

Add a clarifying shampoo to your rotation once a month so that you can rid your hair of any product build-up that might be depleting its natural shine.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Give yourself a DIY shampooing with apple cider vinegar once a week. APC has so many amazing health and beauty benefits, and adding a shine is absolutely one of them.


Weekly Moisture Massage

Do the work on your scalp as well as your strands, an easy way to give it some love is with a moisturising massage once a week to maximise hydration.


Daily Brushing

You shouldn’t be brushing your hair one hundred times a day, but a good brushing at a set time each day can help to unleash enough natural oils to make a shine but not enough to make things greasy.

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