8 Everyday Habits for Healthy Hair ...


8 Everyday Habits for Healthy Hair ...
8 Everyday Habits for Healthy Hair ...

When it comes to achieving and maintain healthy hair, it’s all about giving your locks the regular routine of good care that it needs in order to flourish. It’s never a good idea to keep switching and changing the products that you use and the things that you do, your hair is more sensitive and temperamental than you might think! Here are eight solid everyday habits for healthy hair that will mean no more bad hair days.

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Avoid Heat

We all like to use straighteners and curlers from time to time, but you should be trying to avoid heat styling as much as possible in order to keep your hair nice and healthy. Too much excessive heat will serve to damage your strands and halt the growth process. Make sure to give your hair lots of days off in between heat styling days.


Silk Pillows

Silk pillowcases might seem very grand and luxurious, but they are more easily available and affordable than you think and they can do wonders for your hair. Sleeping on silk pillowcases gives you a smooth texture to rest on that won’t rough up your hair cuticles when you are laying on them, which means that you will wake in the morning with much smoother and less ‘distressed’ hair.



You don’t need to shampoo your hair every single time you have a shower, but it is important to keep your locks clean. A nice hot rinsing in between shampoo and conditioning treatments is the right way to keep your hair nice and clean without stripping it of its important natural oils.



You moisturise your skin all the time, so why wouldn’t you moisturise your hair too? After all, there is scalp underneath those locks! The general rule of thumb is to condition every time you shampoo, and I would really advise getting two dedicated products rather than using a two in one. They do ‘a’ job, but I don’t think they really do ‘the’ job.


Brand Loyal

There are so many brands of shampoo/conditioner on the shelves that it can be tempting to switch to whichever is cheapest on the day, but it really helps your hair to pick a name and stick with it. Your hair will respond well to having the same ingredients treat it over and over again.

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Right Diet

Your diet can have a massive impact on your hair health. Add a lot of chicken, lean red meat, and fish into your diet so that you get the perfect combination of iron, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids that help to stimulate growth in hair follicles.



Don’t be scared to take extra vitamin supplements to ensure that you are getting all that hair boosting goodness in your daily life. Go to the health store and pick up a box that claims to have special benefits for nails, skin and hair, they all come as a trio because they are essentially made of the same stuff!


Limit Sun Exposure

The sun can damage your hair in the same way that it can damage your skin. You can buy lots of different products to help you with this kind of protection like SPF spritz sprays that are designed specifically to cover your hair.

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