8 Pro Tips for Hiding Hair Loss ...


8 Pro Tips for Hiding Hair Loss ...
8 Pro Tips for Hiding Hair Loss ...

Men often begin to lose their hair in their 40’s, it’s simply and unfortunate part of aging for many men. What is often overlooked is that women can also begin losing their hair in their 40’s. There are many reasons for hair loss but despite the reason it can be just as embarrassing and frustrating for women as it is for men. Eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, taking hair and nail supplements, folic acid, a multi vitamin, or using a topical treatment such as Minoxidil or Rogaine are a few great ways to promote a healthy head of hair. Here are some great ways to mask your hair loss so that no one knows your secret.

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Keep a Shorter Hair Style to Remove Thin Looking Ends and Give a Thicker Appearance


Use Tinted Scalp Sprays when Styling Hair


Use Toppik Fibers for a Filled in Look


Use Some of the Many Hair Thickening Products


Wear Hair Curly for a Fuller Look


Get Hair Extensions


Wear a Stylish Hat


Find a Great Wig

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