Nighttime Habits That Ruin Your Hair ...


Nighttime Habits That Ruin Your Hair ...
Nighttime Habits That Ruin Your Hair ...

Have you ever been through that annoying situation when you go to bed with perfect hair, and then wake up with one of the worst bad hair days known to man? Why does that happen! What could possibly be happening as you sleep that turns your hair from terrific to terrible in a matter of hours? Sometimes it can be down to some things that you do on a regular basis that you don’t even realise can be a problem for your follicles. Here are a few key nighttime habits that ruin your hair.

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Wet Hair

Going to sleep with wet hair is one of the worst things you can do in terms of avoiding a bad hair day. Moist follicles rubbing on fabric pillows at night will lead to making your ends rough causing them to split, and the hair will dry in whatever creases and kinks you have worked yourself into as you dream! At the absolute minimum, you should be tightly braiding it if it is wet.


Leaving It up

Tying your hair in a tight bun or ponytail overnight can cause unnecessary damage, especially if that is the style you wear during the day too. You need to give your hair a break at some point, and the nighttime should be this break time. The hair tie constantly being in the same place will start to cause damage to the strands.


Hair Tie

And speaking of hair ties, they really deserve their own bullet point! Elastic ties, in particular, are something that you should be trying to avoid because they can really damage the direct area that they are in contact with. A fabric scrunchie is a much better alternative if you really need to have your hair tied up at night.


Skipping Brushing

It can be tempting to just slip in to bed without doing anything to your hair, but it really pays off to give it a good brush through before hitting the pillow. It helps stimulate the natural oils just as you are going to bed, promoting hair growth and also preventing any knots from becoming unruly overnight.


Cotton Bedding

Cotton bedding is comfortable but it isn’t the best for your hair thanks to the friction that it causes. If you can afford it, silk bedding and pillowcases are much more gentle alternative for your hair, helping to avoid breakage and frizz all night.

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Yeah... Brushing every night doesn't work on curly hair lmao

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