Awesome Tips to Control Unmanageable Hair ...

By Megan

Needs some tips to control unmanageable hair? Look no further

When you’re a girl with hair that isn’t manageable what is a girl supposed to do?

My hair is in between wavy and knots from hell and it’s also fine but has the mass of thick snarls that make it look thick.

Oh and by the way, did I mention that it’s curly?

All the forums I look up to get advice for fine curly hair management are either nonexistent or filled with complete and utter nonsense.

So let’s get into it, what advice does this beginner writer have? Well, read on for my tips to control unmanageable hair.

1 Managing Those Knots

Brushing curly hair when dry can only damage it and increase frizz. This was the most difficult rule to follow for me. I found wetting your hair and combing with your fingers/detangling brush in the shower is a life saver. Putting small amounts of conditioner into your hands and carefully smoothing out those knots will also be more delicate on your hair.

2 Haircut is Everything

Once you can beat down on your curly hair pattern you can find a stylist that can help you find the right cut. It may be hard to figure out your type of curl; so check out the website listed below to find out what yours is!

3 Self Trimming

It's not as scary as it sounds! Living with curly hair your cuts can last about 6 months until it’s ready for another trim to get it back into its shape. In between the duration of waiting for your hair appointment, I found it being extremely helpful to purchase small trimming scissors. Trimming the ends at an angle will help control frizz and knots/curls

4 Taking Care of Your Fine Curls

Having finer hair that has texture to it can have a difficult time staying shiny and hydrated. I have oily roots but dry ends, which is the worst. I try to find hair masks that have moisture and place it all over my ends and very little on my roots to avoid extra oil.

5 Lastly, Styling Can Be a Bitch

It takes lots of tries to figure what products to use. Some weigh your curls down, some make them look like crispy curly fries! Unless your ideal image of hair is to look like cooked ramen noodles on your head. I recommend to use gels and leave in conditioners.

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