Never Break These 7 Haircare Rules Again ...


Yep, there are rules to proper haircare, but don’t be surprised if you’re breaking some of them. I’ve done the same many, many times. The trick here is learning what the rules are so that you know how to prevent violating them. You might not even know you’re breaking these rules so I’m going to lay them out for you. Don’t feel bad if you find yourself on this list. Use the knowledge to make changes to your routine and you’ll have traffic-stopping hair from now on.

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Washing Every Day

Washing Every Day Unless you got really sweaty, your baby spit up in your hair or you have oily strands, there’s no reason to wash your mane every single day. In fact, over washing can lead to dryness and damage because you strip away all the necessary oils that keep your scalp and hair healthy and lustrous. Try washing every other day and see how it goes. Some girls can even get away with going three or four days between washes.


Being a Slave to the Heat Styling

Being a Slave to the Heat Styling Nothing makes you feel better than a great blowout, but over using your heat styling products is a rule we all break. High temps can suck the moisture right out your hair, leaving it limp and lifeless. Take a break from the blow dryer and hair straightener sometimes and you’ll have way healthier hair. The natural look is trendy right now anyway so you can look and feel great any day.


Ignoring What Your Stylist Says

Ignoring What Your Stylist Says She gets paid for a reason, right? Hair stylists have to study and practice so when she tells you a certain look is ideal for you, it’s fine to believe her. She also has lots of great tips and tricks for creating a look that is low-maintenance and that you love. If your stylist tells you to change something up, don’t ignore her. She’s telling you this for your own good.


Never, Ever Bleach Your Own Hair

Never, Ever Bleach Your Own Hair Bleaching your hair changes it forever and it might not be that good for your strands, especially if they are thin or fine. If you do decide to go for a bleach treatment, never attempt it on your own. Always, always go to the salon and have a professional do it for you. You’ll be way happier with the results and it will be done in a way that preserves as much of your hair health as possible.


Using the Wrong Products

Using the Wrong Products When you shop for skincare products, you look for those that are appropriate for your skin type, right? You should be doing the same for your hair. If you have colored or damaged hair, you need the right shampoo and conditioner. The same is true for thin or thick hair as well as dry hair or any other issue you might be having. Talk to your stylist about which products are right for you.


Choosing the Wrong Color

Choosing the Wrong Color I saw this girl the other day that was totally rocking the new grayish hair color trend. Could I pull it off? Probably not. Knowing that is a major step because getting the wrong color is going to be a disaster. If you insist, a stylist will go ahead and dye your hair the color you want, but you will likely hate it when it’s done. Choose a hair color that complements your skin tone for the best, and most natural, results.


Being a Slave to the Same Old Products

Being a Slave to the Same Old Products Something that worked for you for many years might not be doing the trick anymore. No, your hair probably doesn’t “get used” to it, but don’t be a slave to something just because it has always worked. I recently switched conditioners when the one I had been using for years stopped doing it for me. If something isn’t working, make changes.

Which of these hair care rules have you broken?

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