How to Take Care of Your Bright Hair Color ...


How to Take Care of Your Bright Hair Color ...
How to Take Care of Your Bright Hair Color ...

Getting your hair colored is really fun and makes it easy to get just the look you want. However, colored hair requires extra care to keep it from looking less than natural. If you have a bright color, you want to take some extra steps to ensure that you retain the color you love in between touch ups. So I went to the experts and gathered their best tips together in one place so you can always have a great hair day.

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Take Great Care of Your Hair before and after the Dye Job

The best way to keep your hair color looking fab is to take really good care of your hair all the time. That includes before you get it colored. If the dye job is already in place, make sure you use a hair mask and repair products on a regular basis to ensure that you keep each strand hydrated and healthy. By doing this, you can ensure great hair color all the time.


Choose Your Haircare and Styling Products with Caution

When you have your hair dyed, you can’t use just any old product. You will have to read package labels very carefully and make sure you avoid certain ingredients to help preserve the bright color of your hair. Experts recommend skipping shampoos that contain sulfates and avoiding any styling product that lists alcohol as an ingredient. That includes things like mousse and hairspray.


Avoid Heat Styling Your Hair

You read that right. When you have a bright hair color, it’s best to skip the heat styling to keep the color intact. That includes blow drying it or using a curling iron or flattening iron on it. If you must heat style your hair, the experts strongly encourage you to use a protectant on your hair when you do. That will reduce some of the damage.


Always Rinse with Cool Water

The experts say that warm water opens your hair cuticle, which allows the color to seep out. By rinsing with cool water, you help those cuticles close back up, holding the color in for a longer amount of time. So anytime you wash or rinse your strands, be sure you finish the entire process with a blast of cold water.


See a Professional when You Need a Touch up

It’s logical to dye your own hair because it saves money, but when you’re going bold with a bright color, it’s better to see a pro. This is especially true if you plan to make a big change, such as going really dark if you’re blonde or really light if you have dark hair. Not only does this ensure that you get the exact color you want, but it will also help minimize any damage to your strands.


Condition with Dye Added

Some experts say that if you add a bit of the hair dye to your conditioner, you can deposit more color into your strands every time you use it. Talk to your stylist about purchasing a product that will work for this. You might find that it’s better to go in for a touch up every so often instead.


Wear a Hat when You Go outside

When you have a really bright hair color, the sun can really fade it out. When you plan to spend a lot of time outside in the sunshine, protect your hair by wearing a hat. This will help prevent the color from washing out and looking less than great.

What color is your hacir? What other care tips can you share?

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