Effortless Ways to Improve Your Hair Tenfold πŸ’‡ ...

I understand the woes of trying to make your hair healthy again. I know the woes of waiting for it to grow out after a disastrous haircut, I know how it feels when you damage it almost irreparably with too much bleach or heat or color. The wait for hair to finally feel lush and healthy and vivacious again is seemingly endless. Seriously, it feels like it takes forever – but these little everyday tips and tricks can improve your lovely locks in no time at all.

1. Take Your Vitamins

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You can take all sorts of vitamins to improve your hair. You've heard about them all, I'm sure, probably in every single article about hair you've ever read. Let me just say that, firsthand, I've had great luck with vitamin E, vitamin B, and biotin.

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