Effortless Ways to Improve Your Hair Tenfold ...


Effortless Ways to Improve Your Hair Tenfold ...
Effortless Ways to Improve Your Hair Tenfold ...

I understand the woes of trying to make your hair healthy again. I know the woes of waiting for it to grow out after a disastrous haircut, I know how it feels when you damage it almost irreparably with too much bleach or heat or color. The wait for hair to finally feel lush and healthy and vivacious again is seemingly endless. Seriously, it feels like it takes forever – but these little everyday tips and tricks can improve your lovely locks in no time at all.

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Take Your Vitamins

You can take all sorts of vitamins to improve your hair. You've heard about them all, I'm sure, probably in every single article about hair you've ever read. Let me just say that, firsthand, I've had great luck with vitamin E, vitamin B, and biotin.


Know Your Oils

Whether you're a fan of coconut oil or if you love using olive oil as a conditioning treatment, make sure you bulk up on your knowledge. Find out which oils help with scalp issues, which may help with growth or thickness, and which oils are better for dry or damaged ends.


Massage Your Scalp

It won't exactly make your hair grow faster or longer, but it will stimulate blood flow and that's excellent for general hair improvement.


Eat Your Eggs

And if you don't like eating them? Just use them to make a stellar conditioning mask.


Hair Masks Are a Must

Because, see, hair masks are essential. They'll make your hair healthier, fuller, richer, and softer.


Hold Back on the Heat

Nothing damages your hair like too much heat. I am not going to tell you to stop using your hairdryer, straightener, or curling iron, though – do you, boo. However, give your hair a break once or twice a week.


Shampoo Less, Condition More

You don't have to join in with the no 'poo movement, but shampoo can seriously dry out your hair. Switch to dry shampoo occasionally, or skip washing your hair every few days.


Get Your Hair Cut

No, trimming your ends won't make your hair grow faster. It will, however, get rid of any damaged or split ends, and that in turn will make your hair healthier and lots more luscious.


Pat Your Hair Dry

Wringing it, twisting it, and rubbing it will just damage your hair more. Instead, pat it dry and gently squeeze out excess water with your towel.


Stop Stressing

Easier said than done, right? But for real, when you're stressed out, it makes your hair look dull and lifeless. No one wants that.


Eat up Your Seeds

Just snack on 'em. You'll be feeding the best and improving your hair at the same time!


Veggies Are Important

So are fruits, for that matter. Eat 'em up and you can benefit from all their vitamins and minerals.


Add in Natural Hair Treatments

Natural is always better, especially for your hair. Besides, a lot of these are easy to DIY, so you can even save money in the bargain!


Anti-aging Shampoo is a Must

Because yes, your hair can age, too – and no, I'm not referring to grey hairs.


Allow Your Hair to Air-dry as Much as Possible

That's a great way to avoid heat, as a matter of fact.


Don't Tie It Back Too Tightly

Not only does it hurt, but it can damage your hair and cause it to break. Double ouch!


Wash Every Other Day

I really cannot stress how important it is to avoid over-washing your hair. Even if you just skip washing your hair on the weekends, your tresses will thank you.

What do you do to keep you hair in stunning condition?

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I use a lot of conditioner with my thick hair. I then apply it first and rinse it out after I'm done with my shower. That way, it soaks up all of the moisture.

I've noticed cutting out preservatives and sugar out helps. Thanks for all the new tips! I'm going to try some!

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