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Before you hand over that Groupon coupon or revel in that great sale bargain, think about that hairdryer you’re just about to purchase. You might think that any old hairdryer will do because it’s the way you style your hair and the products you use that make the difference. Wrong. Not all hairdryers are created equal. Follow these tips for picking a hairdryer and make a sound purchasing decision.

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Hair Type

When thinking about how to choose a hairdryer, one of your primary concerns should be to consider the type of hair that you have. Women who have naturally straight hair do not necessarily need a very high powered dryer to help them tame their unruly locks, whereas those with curlier hair may need more power to help keep their style together. Similarly, those with fine hair do not want a super heating dryer as it will only prove to cause unwanted damage to your delicate follicles.



It's weird, right, how can products that do the same job vary so greatly in price? For starters, you need to examine the brand and investigate whether they are only charging a lot for their name instead of offering a truly great hairdryer. It is definitely not the case that the most expensive hair dryers are the best. You don't need to pay a lot for a dryer that has a million different settings and attachments if you don't need them. Don't get caught up in what the industry says about different brands and choose what is best for you.



Wattage is a really important factor to consider. Many people believe that the more heat a dryer gives off the better, but this simply isn't the case. You don't need a super hot dryer to get the job done effectively, but you do need a good wattage. Too much heat is going to damage your hair, but you should be aiming for a dryer with wattage of between the 1800 to 1875 mark. The lower the wattage, the longer your hair will take to dry, but equally you won’t be doing anything too harmful.



It's really not as simple as 'I need a hairdryer' as there are so many different types available! The three main types are tourmaline, which is best for making hair shinier, ionic, which is best for breaking down water molecules and allowing hair to dry much faster, and ceramic, which is best for a mild heat that isn't going to damage your fragile hair. Have a good think about what you are looking for and choose between these three varieties.



Sometimes the amount of attachments that come with a simple hairdryer can be overwhelming! More often than not, you are never going to use any of the attachments that promise to give a better curl or a straighter finish, so consider whether you actually need any of these and buy accordingly. A hairdryer without any unnecessary attachments can be significantly cheaper in price.



Do you do a lot of traveling for work or just for pleasure? Take this in to account when choosing a hairdryer, because some of them weigh significantly more than you might imagine! Lightweight hairdryers can be just as effective as their heavier counterparts; once again, it's the wattage that you want to keep an eye on. Don't be fooled by a heavy metal finish or a grandiose handle!


Ask around

Pretty much every woman has a hairdryer, so utilize this fact and ask around in your group of friends and your family members for recommendations. Even better, you can always ask to give one of their dryers a test run to see if it is what you are looking for. That way you can have some firsthand experience without having to pay any money!

What’s the most important thing you look for in a hairdryer?

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