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There are lots of things that will make you look younger or older and the state of your hair is one of them. Treating your hair properly is one simple way to keep yourself looking youthful and lovely. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to achieve this young look, simply by overhauling your haircare routine. These come courtesy of the experts at Redbook magazine. Here’s all it takes. You’re welcome.

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Add an Antioxidant-Rich Deep Conditioner to Your Weekly Routine

Hair needs antioxidants and eating them in the form of fruits and veggies is just one way to get them. You should also be applying antioxidants topically by using a deep conditioner once a week. The product will infuse each strand with antioxidants that ward off oxidation and gives your hair extra strength. This double whammy is perfect for youthful hair.


Choose Products for Your Specific Hair Needs

Haircare experts everywhere will say that your hair relies on the right products to stay looking young. That means that you should use shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair if you aren’t sporting the shade you were born with. Blondes, brunettes and redheads can also benefit from a shampoo designed for their hair color, even if it isn’t dyed. Easy, right?


Wear Sunscreen in Your Hair

Just like UV rays can damage your skin and lead to the signs of aging, they can do the same to your hair. You won’t want to put traditional sunscreen in your hair because that will just make it look greasy and gross. However, you can apply a product that contains SPF for your hair. This simple step will help keep your hair from drying out and breaking off, something that can age you many years.


Choose the Right Shampoo

You might think shampoo is just shampoo, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is especially true if you have color treated hair. In that case, you want a shampoo that will help preserve the color and keep it from getting brassy or washed out. Likewise, if you have dry hair or damaged, a shampoo that targets those issues will have you well on your way to younger strands in no time.


Shea Butter is Your Hair’s New Best Friend

Chances are you’ve used shea butter on your skin, right? It’s great for boosting moisture and warding off dryness. Shea butter can do the same for your strands too. Use raw shea butter and apply it all over your hair, from roots to tips. Cover your hair with a shower cap and blast it with warm hair from your blow dryer. Wait 20 minutes, then wash the shea butter out with shampoo.

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Start Using a Tinted at-Home Gloss

Whether you color your hair or just want to brighten your natural shade, an at-home gloss can boost the shade you want. This glossy, perfect hair color will go a long way toward helping you look younger. The gloss is easy to apply and only needs to be done about once a month. Talk to your stylist about the right one for your hair.


Take Care of Roots Even if You Can’t Get to the Salon

Nothing ages you faster than having visible roots. Fortunately, you no longer have to wait until you can get an appointment with your stylist to take care of things. Using a root concealer can help blend your roots with the rest of your hair so that you can give yourself a makeover that will take years off your look.

Is any of this news to you? Which of these tips will be part of your routine from now on?

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