Shorten Your Hair Routine with These Speedy Tips ...


Shorten Your Hair Routine with These Speedy Tips ...
Shorten Your Hair Routine with These Speedy Tips ...

If there’s anything a girl wants, it’s gorgeous hair that comes together without a ton of work. Turns out you can achieve this by incorporating some easy steps into your routine so that you can prep your hair for any event or occasion in just a few minutes. Intrigued? Here’s what the experts at Shape magazine suggest for amazing hair in no time at all.

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Spritz on a Detangler before Combing Your Strands

Working all those knots and tangles out of your hair can take some time. Especially if you have really long hair. There’s no reason to resign yourself to having to comb and comb and comb at the expense of doing the things you want to do. Simply spray on a bit of detangler and you should be able to get smooth, sleek hair in just a couple of minutes. Cool, right?


Use a Brush/Dryer Hybrid to Dry and Style at the Same Time

Instead of blow drying, then styling your hair, why not do both at the same time? With the new one step dryer and styler products hitting the market, you can do just that. The product works by blow drying your strands with hot hair at the same time that it straightens your hair. No more trying to do both at one time or wasting precious minutes doing one then the other!


Get Great Hair with a Waving Styler

Want beachy waves, but don’t want to spend the time creating each of them individually? Don’t worry! Use a wave maker, which is similar to a curling iron, but rotates on its own. When it does that, it creates spectacular waves that give you the best hair days any day of the week. They are a bit of a cost investment, but you will be so glad you spent the dough.


Blow Dry with Ionic Technology

Sick of spending at least 30 minutes getting your hair completely dry in the morning, longer if your hair is super thick? Using an ionic blow dryer can drastically shorten the amount of time it takes to get the job done. The ions break down the water and the higher speed motor dries in no time. Perfect!


Invest in a Couple of Super Absorbent Towels

Your average towel will certainly do some drying, but you can do better if you want things to go faster. Choose a microfiber towel, which will soak up a lot more moisture and help you go from soaked to dry in a much shorter amount of time. Combined with a higher power blow dryer, this towel can really speed your getting ready time in the morning.


Never Worry about Frizzy Hair Ever Again

Nothing sucks more than going through your entire hair care routine, only to wind up with frizz that requires even more time to fix. No more! Spritz a bit of defrizzing spray on your strands and it will help get rid of moisture and keep your style looking perfect without a ton of extra effort. What more could a girl want?


Get a Better Brush to Make Things Faster

The brush you are using now might be all wrong. By making a simple change like buying a new brush, you can speed your prep time and look fabulous at the same time. Look for a barrel brush made from ceramic, which distributes the heat when you blow dry so that you can get your style done fast.

How do you speed your hair routine in the morning? Will you be adding any of these tips tomorrow?

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