7 Amazing Products to Get BIG Hair ...

Big BIG hair is ultra glam, gorgeous, right on trend and usually a pipe dream for those with super straight, fine and flat hair. But with a new generation of products for big hair, even the flattest of hairs can now have BIG volume. These 7 products for big hair laugh in the face of old school mousse. They give dynamic root lift, are easy to use, give phenomenal results and allow you to take your hair styles to sky-high new heights. Big, sexy hair is now possible for everyone - Viva la volume!

1. Tresemme 24 Hour Body Sky High Plumping Powder

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Price: $8.84 at boots.com

This tiny beauty works wonders to literally lift up roots - you will be amazed how high you can go. It’s easy to use, doesn’t leave white marks or roots greasy. You only need a little so 10g of product lasts ages - a gem of a product for big hair.

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