8 Tutorials for Natural Hot Oil Treatments ...


8 Tutorials for Natural Hot Oil Treatments ...
8 Tutorials for Natural Hot Oil Treatments ...

Natural hot oil treatments are the perfect hair-care solution! They are healthy, they are easy to make and, most importantly, fun to mix and match! Have you considered natural treatments for hair? Well, if not, you definitely should! And here are some great videos to help you get started and join thousands, if not millions of women who are enjoying the benefits of homemade hot oil treatments.

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Natural Hot Oil Treatment with Olive, Castor, and Jojoba Oil

Easy to make, super-healthy, great for your hair – this mixture of Castor, olive and jojoba oil, glycerin and vitamin E is one of those natural hot oil treatments you don’t want to miss out on. It’s a pretty basic, by the book one and that’s actually a good thing as you don’t have to shop for a lot of ingredients or experiment with something that may cause an allergic reaction. Give it a go!


Homemade Hot Oil Treatment for Dry Hair

Make sure you get the most out of your favorite oil by checking out this video and following a few simple, easy to do tips! Sectioning, for example, is definitely something you’ll want to do first as it will help you apply the oil more evenly. Using a shower cap helps the hair absorb more oil, making it go from dry to super soft and full of life!


Moisturizing Natural Treatment for Hair and at Home Steam Treatment

Speaking about homemade hot oil treatments that are sure to make your hair go from drab to fab – why not try this interesting mixture and steaming method? Four amazingly potent oils such as coconut, argan, olive and grapeseed oil will do amazing stuff for your hair! But don’t even get me started on Aloe Vera and all the pros of Aloe Vera Steam! Pretty neat, huh?


Totally Homemade Rosemary Hot Oil

Oh, la, la! Well, this next on my list of natural hot oil treatments sure is a must-do! And in case you love natural oils and use only natural treatments for hair, you know that creating your own oils and infusions can be a good creative outlet! It's also a great way to save without denying your hair all those fresh, natural ingredients that cost a bunch when processed into hair products.


Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

And in case you loved the idea of making your own oil infusions, you’ll love this following video, too! Your very own, rosemary infused olive oil – how cool is that, huh? I’ve seen these infusions in specialized shops and, maaan, are they pricey or what! And isn’t that another great reason to Do It Yourself? I’ll have to try this with grapeseed oil!


Amla Natural Treatment for Hair Health and Fast Growth

Amla or Gooseberry sure is a potent, healthy herb! We’ve talked about it before, explored its benefits for the health and growth of your hair…and now it’s time for a DIY, of course! I know…I know…it is one of the messier homemade hot oil treatments but hey, you know what they say - no pain, no gain! Give it a try… I know I will!


Oil Mixture for Hair Growth

You’re probably wondering what is this tutorial doing on my list of natural hot oil treatments, huh? Well, the truth is…I just had to run it by you, despite the fact that it isn’t actually a hot oil but more of a nurturing, moisturizing pomade with the ingredients that aid hair growth. I’m sure many of you girls are eager to experiment with natural treatments for hair growth and, quite honestly, I have a good feeling about this one! Give it a go!


Lavender Infused Olive Oil Moisturizing Treatment

So many wonderful oil infusions, so little time! Luckily, I have another interesting tutorial to show you before I leave you to experiment with your DIY skills! And if infusing olive oil with rosemary was fun, doing the same thing with lavender will be even better! Try it, love it, enjoy it and don’t forget to experiment with different herbs either!

Have you tried some of these natural hot oil treatments before and how did you like them? I’m a sucker for natural treatments for hair and that’s one addiction I won’t be breaking anytime soon! Why should I? Natural ingredients have helped me grow my hair significantly during the past year!

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I love olive oil as a muti purpose moisturizer

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