8 Must-Have Natural Hair Care Products for Gorgeous Hair ...


8 Must-Have Natural Hair Care Products for Gorgeous Hair ...
8 Must-Have Natural Hair Care Products for Gorgeous Hair ...

When you want to make sure your lovely locks are as lush and healthy as possible, you need the best natural hair care products. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box and look for shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils that rely solely on natural ingredients designed to leave your hair hydrated, silky, smooth, and full of volume. Don't stick to all the traditional standbys, take a look at these amazing natural hair care options instead.

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Dabur Amla Hair Oil

Dabur Amla Hair Oil Amla is a gooseberry native to India, and its presence in the Dabur Amla Hair Oil makes this one of the best natural hair care products you can use to strengthen your hair. If you want it long, strong, shiny, and healthy, you can't do better than this. All you have to do is massage the oil onto your scalp. Dabur experts recommend that you leave it in overnight, then shampoo as usual in the morning. Check out Dabur.com or find it on Amazon for $10.98.


Dabur Almond Hair Oil for Damaged Hair

Dabur Almond Hair Oil for Damaged Hair Dabur also has a fantastic almond oil ideal for damaged hair. Almond oil is fantastic for your hair anyway, but when you're dealing with serious damage, it's especially beneficial. Dabur's almond oil promises twice as much vitamin E as other almond oil hair care products, along with almond protein. A nightly massage leaves your hair strong, soft, and silky, without any remaining feelings of oiliness. Again, take a look at Dabur.com or find it on Amazon for just $9.90!


Burdock Root Oil

Burdock Root Oil Burdock root oil is available practically anywhere, but I recommend looking for this particular brand, which you'll find at Home Apteka for $12.50 or on Amazon for $5.99. Burdock root oil practically pampers your hair and your scalp, leaving them both healthy, strong, and shiny. You'll also get lots of body, your hair will look and feel thicker, and it vanquishes any itching or dandruff as well.


Trichup Hair Oil

Trichup Hair Oil If you're looking for something that goes right to the root of the problem, so to speak, Trichup hair oil is one of the best choices for you. It's an Ayurvedic treatment that relies on coconut oil, sesame oil, Amalaki, Gunja, Bhringraj, and Neem, among other nutrients, to strengthen your hair with vitamins and even fatty acids, which leave those lovely locks soft and strong. The oil promises to greatly improve the circulation of blood to your scalp and follicles, to give you more bounce, shine, and volume, to increase the growth of your hair, and to keep your color vibrant. It's available at Vasu Healthcare, among other stores, for $6.30.


Indulekha Gold

Indulekha Gold If you have a problem with thinning hair or simply want to keep your tresses long, thick, and full, definitely try Indulekha Gold. It promises to promote new growth by jump starting the growth cycle in your hair follicles, and also claims to prevent grey hair by keeping your current color bright and stunning. Find it on Amazon for $13.32.


Trichup Conditioner

Trichup Conditioner Great hair care depends on an excellent conditioner, and Trichup definitely has an excellent conditioner. By using vitamin B5 and aloe vera, it promotes high shine, makes your hair incredibly manageable, strengthens every strand, and prevents any snarls and tangles. It moisturizes your hair from root to tip, leaving it so silky, it feels absolutely sensual! Find it at Vasu Healthcare for just $4.50.


Dead Sea Natural Mineral Shampoo

Dead Sea Natural Mineral Shampoo Using natural minerals in your hair care regimen ensures a full head of thick, silky, lustrous hair. The minerals in Dead Sea Natural Mineral Shampoo are amazing. The shampoo contains olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, and vegetable oil, so it's also ideal for dry or damaged hair. There are a variety of brands available, with prices for pretty much any budget!


Ayurvedic Hair Care by Auromere

Ayurvedic Hair Care by Auromere Auromere has such an incredible array of natural hair care products that you'll be able to find whatever you want, including wonderful shampoos and conditioners. They contain no sulfates, parabens, or chemicals, and there are products specifically designed for every hair type. Vitacost has most of the products available at really affordable prices!

Your hair deserves the best care possible. Whether you're trying to deal with damage or to improve your every day hair care, natural products are ideal. They'll give you bounce and volume, promote growth and shine, and keep your hair healthy and vibrant without any potentially damaging ingredients. What are your favorite natural hair products?

Special thanks to Tamara Masco, our Health and Beauty expert, for finding these products.

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Love hair oils,just did one today from Farah Dhukai's website!

Unite argan oil is completely natural and is great for all hair types (even fine hair). Also magic potion is a miracle product that will actually allow hair to grow, where it would normally break off. Don't know if its natural, but its a keritan treatment. Does Mane n Tail actually work?

You guys know that Mane N' Tail products are all natural?! They're cheap too!

Induleka gold is amazing. even though it may smell a little funny... it makes your hair super soft and make it grow long quick. :)

Shea moisture has great products for all types of hair ranging from thick and curly to thin, dry and damaged. All of their products are all natural at a good price

it saids, "Oops, can't load :("

Grape seed oil, mustard seed oil, vadika hair oil with alma, coconut and lemon, coconut oil, toshodi

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