9 Amazing Uses of Hair Conditioner That Will Surprise You ...


9 Amazing Uses of Hair Conditioner That Will Surprise You ...
9 Amazing Uses of Hair Conditioner That Will Surprise You ...

Did you know there are many uses of hair conditioner besides the obvious? Hair conditioner is one of those products you can use as a beauty aid, as well as around the house. And if you use an expensive hair conditioner, pick up a cheap bottle to use for these tips below, because it will really save you money. Read on to learn some handy uses of hair conditioner!

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Cuticle Softener

One of my favorite uses of hair conditioner is as a cuticle softener! I have found that cuticle softeners often cost five dollars or more, and you only get a tiny jar. A large bottle of hair conditioner usually costs under two dollars, and you get so much more product! Rub it on and around your nail bed daily to kiss ragged and dry cuticles goodbye.


Here's a little beauty secret: hair conditioner isn't just for taming those tresses; it's a versatile multitasker in your beauty routine. After all, why purchase a separate cuticle softener when you can use something you already have in your shower caddy? Simply apply a small dab of your favorite conditioner to your nail beds as part of your nightly ritual. Not only does it hydrate and soften cuticles, making it easier to push them back or trim them, but it also pampers your hands with a mini-moisture treatment, leaving them feeling smooth and presentable.


Shaving Cream

Depending on what brand of shaving cream you use, that stuff can get costly. Hair conditioner actually gives you a closer, smoother shave, and softens your skin in the process. You can also see through the conditioner, unlike white foamy shave cream, so it’s easier to spot an area you missed.


Ouchless Band-aid Removal

I am such a wimp when it comes to removing band-aids or medical tape, especially in sensitive areas! With hair conditioner, the process is painless. Soak the area around the band-aid and the two sticky strips with a dab of conditioner and wait about 30 seconds. The band-aid will easily come off, pain-free!


Makeup Removal

When traveling, I hate to pack more than I need to. Hair conditioner is always in my bag, because of all its great uses! Eye makeup removal is one of those great uses. Just make sure to take out your contacts first (if you wear them), and wash the area with warm water and a mild soap afterwards.


Brush Cleanser

Are you a painter or a makeup artist? Then you need to know this secret! Hair conditioner makes an amazing brush cleanser! Fill a bowl with warm water, add one drop of gentle soap, and about a teaspoon of hair conditioner. Swish the brushes around, rinse them clean, and allow to air dry. Now your brushes are soft and clean!


Rust Prevention

Hair conditioner acts as a protectant, and so it has a protective coating that can preserve any item you put it on. That is why we use it on our hair! But you can also use it to prevent rust! The blades on your ice skates, outside door hinges, bathroom faucets, and other areas that are exposed to moisture on a regular basis are great spots to dab a little conditioner on every now and then!


Just as conditioner seals the cuticle of your hair to lock in moisture and prevent dryness, it acts as a barrier against rust when applied to metal surfaces. Before you throw away that nearly empty bottle of conditioner, consider applying a thin layer to tools, nails, or even bicycle components that are vulnerable to rust. It's a simple, eco-friendly solution that utilizes something you already have at home. Plus, it's a more pleasant option than dealing with the smell of chemical rust preventatives! Just remember, a little goes a long way, so use sparingly to avoid any greasy build-up.


Lingerie Soap

Don’t waste money on fancy and expensive lingerie soap! Instead, add about half a teaspoon of your regular laundry soap and 2-3 teaspoons of hair conditioner to a sink full of water and gently hand wash your delicates. The hair conditioner will keep them soft and smelling nice!


Fake Tattoo Removal

No more harsh scrubbing to remove your little one’s fake tattoo from sensitive skin! Use a cotton ball soaked in conditioner to easily and painlessly remove the fake tattoo. Follow with warm soapy water to get any remaining residue off.


Shrunken Sweaters

So you shrunk your favorite sweater in the dryer. It happens to us all! Soak the offending garment in a bowl filled with warm water and a squirt or two of hair conditioner. After a few hours, wring the excess water out, reshape, and gently stretch the sweater back out to its original size, then allow to air dry.

These are all the nifty uses I have come across for hair conditioner, but I’m sure that there are lots more unique and money-saving ways to use hair conditioner! Have you ever used hair conditioner for something besides its original purpose?

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For the SHRUNKEN SWEATERS can you apply the same advice to an old sweater or it has to be a couple of days after you shrunk the sweater?

Woow cool tips !

I had no idea. Thanks

What's up

After removing make up, don't for get to wash your face! The conditioner can clog the pores and cause you to break out! :) I LOVE using my conditioner to remove my makeup! It smells so good! :D

Do not wash with soap!

wish I knew that before but thanks for the tips ! Will do !

Maybe I'm using the wrong conditioner or razor, but I tried it as shaving cream and cut myself more than I ever have using body wash :(

I love using it as a shaving cream. Really saves me a lot of money.

If you rub hard it can take hairdte off skin

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