7 Essential Tools and Products for Layered Hair ...

If you’re a new convert to layers, you need the scoop on the best products for layered hair. Even the best hair stylist can’t work miracles. Despite a great hair cut, you need to follow up with high quality tools and products at home to keep those layers looking lovely. Without these 7 must-have products for layered hair, your style could be falling flat.

1. Redken Layer Lift

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The Redken line offers several quality products for layered hair styles. But Redken Layer Lift is recommended because it provides a gentle mist of gel that will control frizz and give even the thinnest hair some much needed volume. Just spray a bit into damp hair, starting at the roots and blow dry. See your local salon for this product and others in the Redken brand, or visit Ulta.com to purchase online.

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