Hair Inspirations for Girls Ready to Mix up Their Style ...


Hair Inspirations for Girls Ready to Mix up Their Style ...
Hair Inspirations for Girls Ready to Mix up Their Style ...

Too many bad hair days lately? Bored of your current style? Need a do for a special occasion? Going on a date with the crush you’ve been lusting after for like, forever? But then, why do you need a reason? It’s uplifting and fun to change your hairstyle … whenever. Drastic or just a small change, it matters not. What’s important is that you try something different and it makes you look good and it makes you happy. Need some inspo for a new style?

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Twisted Edge Fishtail Braid

If your go-to style is a fishtail braid but you are looking to branch out a little while keeping some of your signature look, then why not try out this amazing looking twisted edge fishtail braid? Literally a twist on a classic!


Hair Bow

One of the coolest trends right now is attempting to use your own hair to fashion accessories rather than adding products, and this awesome hair bow tutorial teaches you exactly how to do that!


Unicorn Hair

Do you have a lot of personality that is just waiting to burst out? Well why not give it an avenue to shoot out from the tip of this insane unicorn horn! This one takes a really strong personality!


Double Dutch Braid

The double Dutch braid has been a favorite of many of the Kardashians of late, and it’s a fun way to take the humble braid to the next level in terms of style and impact.


Loop Braid Hair

This style takes the look of a simple braid to the next level! It might look completely impossible at first glance but trust me, this tutorial will tell you everything that you need to know.


Suspended Infinity Braid

This is the perfect style to try if you are looking for a way to wear your hair up that doesn’t just look like a normal bun or a boring ponytail.


Starburst Hair Dye

Sometimes being adventurous with your hair means changing the color rather than the style, and you can’t much more adventurous than this vibrant starburst combination!


Crown Braid

If you tend to only go for a traditional falling braid when you style your hair, then a good way to start branching out is by trying out this cool crown braid tutorial. Super simple and super stylish!


Warrior Braids

These warrior braids are a bold style for sure, but sometimes you need to be a little bold to break out of the confines of traditional, boring style!


Mohawk Pony Braid

This is the perfect style to try if you’re a girl who wants to show more than just one side for your personality. You’ve the classical braid mixed with the rebellious Mohawk. Such a cool combination!


The Bun-Hawk

And speaking of mohawks, here is another amazingly fun twist on the style. This bun inspired Mohawk look definitely gives me 1990s feels from icons like Bjork and Gwen Stefani!


Belle Style

Beauty and The Beast is super hot right now, so why not have a go at turning yourself in to a Disney princess with this Belle look. The tutorial even includes how to achieve the makeup from the movie!


Floral Ponytail

Sometimes you need to incorporate accessories in to your hair to achieve a new and fun style, and that it perfectly demonstrated in this tutorial for a beautiful floral waterfall ponytail.


Braided Head Band

Another great style option for making hair accessories out of your own hair rather than having to use external products.


Half up Half down Top Knot

If you can’t decide whether your hair looks best in and up do or down, then this wonderful style solves the problem by offering you a little of both!


Crown of Curls

Vintage fashion is going to be big throughout 2017 in both clothing and hair styling, and this crown of curls is a wonderful vintage look that can be achieved easily using this tutorial.


Space Buns

This space buns look takes the humble bun, something that on its own isn’t remarkable at all, but as duo they turn in to a really youthful and fun style that makes a real statement!

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