Drool-worthy Hairstyles Guys Love to See on Girls ...


Drool-worthy  Hairstyles Guys Love to See on Girls ...
Drool-worthy  Hairstyles Guys Love to See on Girls ...

Don’t we all feel great when we are complemented on our hair? A bad hair day is a bummer, but a head turning style is surprisingly confidence boosting. And if your style attracts admiring glances from men, it can feel extra good. If you want some styles that leave men drooling, read on to watch some great tutorials.

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Messy Bun

Lots of guys think that that kind of casual but stylish look is really sexy on a girl, and this is perfectly displayed by a well done messy bun. It gives the image of a girl whose natural beauty shines through while she still likes to take care of her hair.


Crown Braid

When the worst of the winter is over, it’s time to get summery with your hair! Something like a crown braid is great because it helps you out with keeping your hair up in the heat while also looking super sexy.


Lion Hair

If you’ve got a lot of hair to play with, then a fun thing to do is make it in to a great big wavy lion’s mane! With this style you will effortlessly ooze sexuality and sensuality, irresistible to any guy!


Casual Beach Waves

A lot of guys think girls are at their sexiest when they are rocking a laid back, casual look, but what they don’t know is that achieving that look takes just as much effort! These laid back beach waves are perfect.


French Braid

When paired with the right outfit, a French braid hair style can be sexy as hell! It will only be sexy, however, if you know exactly how to pull it off without getting lost in all of the twists and turns!


Festival Hair

Going to at least one festival has become an absolute must for most young people as part of their summer vacation, and even though it can get pretty grimy at festivals, that doesn’t mean your hair shouldn’t be sexy!


Knotted Loop Waterfall Braid

A lot of guys find certain hairstyles super sexy because they simple can’t figure out how they are done! This is definitely the case with something like this intricate knotted loop waterfall braid; it’s almost magic!


Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is an oldie but still a goodie. It makes a sexy change from the traditional braid and looks great on pretty much everyone!


Side Bun

There is something really classy about a side bun, the perfect kind of hair style to rock if you are going on an expensive date or maybe as the plus one to a fancy function. It complements any kind of spring or summer dress.


Angel Wings Half up do

This elegant angel wings half up do is a perfect combination of formal with a little twist of hippy chic. It’s completely on trend right now and is a great style to attempt if your hair is long enough!


Twisted Bun

This twisted bun is not only sexy but it is also really sophisticated, which makes it a wonderful style to try for something like a first date. It keeps your hair out of your face and looks great at the same time.


Princess Braid up do

Hey, if it’s good enough for a princess, then it’s definitely good enough for you! I’m sure as many guys dream about marrying a princess as girls dream about marrying a prince, so this style will work out for everybody!


Big Curls

There is just something effortlessly sexy about big, bouncy curls. If you’ve got enough lovely hair to do the job, then you can achieve amazing Hollywood glamour with the help of this really simple tutorial!


Pin-up up do

Haven’t you heard? Vintage fashion is back in a big way! With vintage fashion must come vintage hair styles to match, and you can channel your inner pin-up girl with this really sexy retro up do.


Ariana Grande Half up do

There’s no denying that Ariana Grande rocks some of the sexiest and coolest hair styles in today’s pop music scene. You can try replicate the look of her luscious locks with the help of this great tutorial.


Double Bun

There is something really cute about this double bun look; it’s both innocent and sexy at the same time, especially when paired with the perfect outfit for a fun daytime date scenario!


Curly Side Ponytail

The side ponytail might not be a sexy hair style on its own, but when you add the factor of lovely curls in to the mix, it transforms the whole look and turns it in to something really attractive!

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