Beyond Gorg Hollywood Hairstyles for Girls Ready for Serious Glam ...

By Holly

Beyond Gorg Hollywood Hairstyles for Girls Ready for Serious Glam ...

You don't have to be a famous actress in order to wear Old Hollywood hairstyles. The styles are perfect for a day out with your gals or a night out with your man. The best part is that these styles are actually pretty easy to pull off. If you don't believe it, here are a few of the most glamorous Old Hollywood hair tutorials:

1 Finger Waves for Short Hair

Women with short locks can get ignored when it comes to popular hair tutorials. However, here's a video that will show you ladies how to crete finger waves. You should start by clipping the front of your hair back so you can curl the back of your hair. After that, you can move on to curling the rest of your head. Once you're entirely finished with your curling iron, you should brush through the curls, and you'll be finished!

2 Old Hollywood Updo

This hairstyle is inspired by Lily from Gossip Girl. If your hair isn't naturally curly, then you should put curls in it before you begin putting up your hair. Once you're done, you should french braid a section of your hair on both your left and right side. After that, you'll need to roll the back section of your hair and pin it up. Then it gets a bit more difficult, but if you follow the woman in the tutorial's instructions, you should be able to mimic her actions.

3 Pin up Girl Hairdo

You're going to start by taking a section from the side of your hair and twisting it. Then you're going to clip it into place. After that, you can repeat the look on the other side. That's pretty much all you need to do to achieve this simple look! That means it should only take up a few minutes of your time.

4 Glam Curls

The finished look doesn't seem like it's that hard to achieve--and that's because it's not! All you're really going to do is take a curling iron to your hair. Of course, it could help to use some hairspray to keep your curls in place and argon oil to make your strands look silky.

5 Faux Bob

If you have long hair, then you don't have to cut it all off in order to look like you have a bob. You can create a faux one that will trick your closest friends and family members. All the style requires is a lot of curling, pinning, and hairspray. By the end of your routing, no one will realize that your hair reaches all the way down your back. It'll look like it's shoulder length.

6 A Pure Hollywood Glam Look

Here's another tutorial that will give you a step-by-step guide for creating glamorous curls. The video will give you tips, like applying a heat protector to your hair before picking up your curling iron and waiting until your curls are completely set to start combing through them.

7 Makeup and Hair

Not only will this video show you how to create a Hollywood Glam hairstyle. It'll also show you how to do your makeup to match the look. However, you're going to have to pay very close attention to the video, because it goes by fast and doesn't include instructions. You have to use your eyes instead of your ears.

Now you have a new hairstyle for each day of the week! Which one of these hair tutorials are you going to try first?

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I love love love old Hollywood glamor!!!!!!

Cute! Might try these out

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