Awesome Hairstyles to Add Volume to Thin Hair ...


Awesome Hairstyles to Add  Volume to Thin Hair ...
Awesome Hairstyles to Add  Volume to Thin Hair ...

If you have fine, thin hair, your main concern is most likely volume. This can be a difficult hair texture to find a style for, but don't worry--we've got you covered! We've found the top hairstyles to add the most volume to thin hair. Watch these hair tutorials to choose which style works best for you!

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Classy Long Layers

If you love long hair, don't feel like you have to cut it short to give body. Keep your length and add classic long layers. This is so simple to add to your already long hair. Cut the ends and keep the layers extra long for this look. This stylist shows how fast and easy this is to do!


Side SwePT Curls

This salon worthy look can be created at home! Use thermal protectant on wet hair and thick-ifying foam before blow drying. Section hair and blow dry, creating shape with the heat. Pick which side to put your deep part on and blow dry hair away from that part in one direction. Straighten part, brush, section off hair and spray with hairspray, then roll with hot rollers, alternating roller size. Pin to your head, wait for curls to set, and unroll slowly to create this gorgeous look.


Long See-through Bangs

Cut see-through bangs at home with this hair tutorial! Put hair in a middle part and place your pointer finger on your part. The second line of your finger should be where you cut. Pull the rest of your hair back in a ponytail and brush bangs up front. Keep the sides of your bangs thicker than the center, cutting little by little. The length of your bangs should be in the middle of your eyes. Angle your scissors on the thicker sides so your hair goes from short to long. Now you have perfectly see-through bangs!


Short Textured HAIR

To give short hair body, use a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup. To style, work sculpting wax into dry hair and make hair messy, moving in different directions. Finish with hairspray to make your look last.


Long Layered Bob

Learn how to cut your own hair into a layered bob with this tutorial! If you've had long hair your entire life, this tutorial shows that it's time for you to take the plunge if it's been on your mind! Section hair into two sections and tie two ponytails as a guide to see how short you want your hair to be. Make sure both sides are even and cut it off above the hair tie. Tie the top half of your hair up to get rid of the rough edges on the bottom layers of your hair. Repeat this step with every layer, and you'll have a long layered bob!


Boho Beach Waves for Thin Hair

This hair tutorial shows how to get the most volume to even the thinnest hair and the most beautiful boho beachy waves! Wash hair, apply mouse onto your roots, work into hair, and blow dry when your hair is almost completely dry. Add hair extensions if you wish. Curl with a tight, small curling wand, and you'll have perfect boho beach waves.


Sock Bun

Put hair up in a high ponytail and push up hair in the front to create a messy, full look. Put a cut rolled sock or hair donut around your ponytail, wrapping the rest of your hair around. Pull pieces out to create volume for a perfect ballerina bun.

What look is your favorite for making your hair voluminous? Do you have a go-to style we should try? Comment below!

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