Casual Cool Girl Hairstyles You Will Absolutely Love ...

By Eliza

Casual Cool  Girl Hairstyles You Will Absolutely  Love  ...

When it's time to try something new with your hair, you want something cool, right? Hair styles tend to come and go, but there are some really hot ones happening right now that I think you're going to love. Ready to try something new? One of these cool girl hairstyles is definitely going to get you noticed. You'll be turning heads everywhere you go!

1 Braided Crown

Source: Be.NYLA

2 Upside down Braid

Source: Beautylish

3 Waterfall Braid

Source: The Style Files

4 No Heat Curls

Source: No-Heat Curls: 12 Ways to

5 Gatsby Headband

Source: 1920's Great Gatsby Leaf medallion

6 Half up

Source: Do's and Don'ts for the

7 Flower Braid

Source: beauty, black, blonde, braid, bright

8 Tuck and Cover

Source: Missy Sue

9 Bouffant Bun

Source: Mummy's wedding hair

10 Braided Bun

Source: TOP 10 Casual Hair Styles

11 Rainbow Braid

Source: Rainbow Braid

12 Five Minute Curls

Source: short hair curls Tumblr

13 Double Braid

Source: braid-crown Tumblr

14 Ombre Hair

Source: 62 Best Ombre Hair Color

15 Bow Bun

Source: We It

16 Easy Chignon

Source: low chignon Tumblr

17 Braided Faux Hawk

Source: 50 Cute and Trendy Updos

Which one is your favorite?

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