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17 Subtle but Stylish Ways to Add Color to Your Hair ...

By Lyndsie

I always say that your hair is the one thing you can really play with, but all the same, adding a bright, unexpected, or uncommon color to your hair is kind of daunting. Bold shades are just that – bold. You might not be ready for a standout change, but that doesn't mean you have to completely avoid adding vivid hues to your hair. You can go for a subtle, stylish approach at first – after all, you can always add more, but you can't take away the color.

1 Pale Pastel Tips

Pale Pastel Tips Pastel shades like this mix surprisingly well with light hair.

2 Just the Tips

Just the Tips Add color to just the tips of your hair and, if you need to, you can easily hide it.

3 In the Bangs

In the Bangs This is so dated, but I remember all the cool, brainy college girls rocking this look back in the late '90s and early '00s.

4 Dark at the Roots

Dark at the Roots I just love this color, sorry, but transitioning from dark roots to your hair color of choice is a great way to add a pop to your look.

5 Face Framing

Face Framing A few wisps of color around the face – perfection! Also, I die for Rachel in this picture.

6 Subtle but Stunning Highlights

Subtle but Stunning Highlights I love everything about this. Every single thing. This girl slays her whole look! And silvery highlights in dark hair, that is magnificent.

7 Go with Grey

Go with Grey I confess, I love the grey trend. It's a natural color, after all. Tone it with blue, green, and a little lavender, though, and the results are truly gorgeous.

8 The Girl with Her Hair on Fire

The Girl with Her Hair on Fire Yes. Yes to all of this. Absolutely on fire.

9 Start in the Middle

Start in the Middle You have to admit, this is so pretty. Look at the subtle strands of pink hiding up top!

10 Blended from the Back

Blended from the Back Blend color from the back and near the bottom of your hair to keep it a teensy bit of a secret.

11 Sprinkle in Little Wisps of Color

Sprinkle in Little Wisps of Color This style is absolutely iridescent.

12 Pick a Dark Shade

Pick a Dark Shade Remember, shades of blue and purple can be so dark, they look almost black. That look is dramatic, yes, but it's still technically kind of subtle.

13 Layer Your Shades

Layer Your Shades Your natural hair blends in with the brightly colored bits. I think this looks particularly lovely with longer hair.

14 Put in a Few Pastels

Put in a Few Pastels You might choose to wash out the color a bit more, though.

15 Blend with Blonde

Blend with Blonde Told you this worked.

16 Sorry, I've Got a Thing for Purple

Sorry, I've Got a Thing for Purple I'm not really sorry

17 Choose Extreme Contrasts

Choose Extreme Contrasts Like blonde and copper. Blonde and anything, really. Copper and anything, also.

The best part is that you can now use impermanent and semi-permanent color products, plus you don't have to rely on dye. Think you might make a bold hair move now?

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