17 Festival Friendly Hairstyles You Can Rock out with ...


Festival season is coming! Whether you go for the music, the fashion, or the sheer experience, you know it's important to plan a smart wardrobe and a smart hairstyle. You're going to be crushed in a crowd of enthusiastic concertgoers, after all, plus you'll be hot and sweaty, and more likely than not, you'll be dancing your face off. So, you need a 'do that will let you groove, but presumably, you still want to look cute, as well. Follow me. I have ideas for you.

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Add a Feathered Statement

Add a Feathered Statement Yes, the feathers are dramatic. However, the hairstyle itself is easy and natural. You can fake a snazzy style if you have a statement piece.


Luscious 'locks

Luscious 'locks Up or down – or just like this


Long and Wavy for Days

Long and Wavy for Days Oh, the length, the waves, the color! Vanessa kind of slays here.


A Boho Mess of Braids and Buns

A Boho Mess of Braids and Buns The braiding may take some effort, but every other aspect of this look is effortless.


A Personal Crown

A Personal Crown I'm crushing on this girl, actually. This is a lovely look to steal for festival season, though – including the makeup, as a matter of fact.


Curls, Curls, Curls

Curls, Curls, Curls Vanessa frequently slays the festival circuit, tbh.


Multicolored Madness

Multicolored Madness A music fest is the perfect place to debut a daring color – or colors, as it were. The thing is, the style itself is easy and uncomplicated.


Effortlessly Retro

Effortlessly Retro A middle part is really all it takes to pull off a fab festival look.


Opt for Awesome Accessories

Opt for Awesome Accessories This is all kinds of adorable.


Fishtail Braids Are Always Perfect

Fishtail Braids Are Always Perfect Always. Even if you're sitting on your sofa, not rocking out at a fun fest.


Just Aspire to This

Just Aspire to This I love this shade of purple. I love this whole look. I love those lips and those shades and those curls.


Pull a Hat Trick

Pull a Hat Trick Seriously, the right accessory can make your look.


Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle That middle part, y'all. You can't go wrong.


Crown Yourself in Flowers

Crown Yourself in Flowers A lovely flower crown is the perfect accessory for almost any outdoor venue.


Oh, the Ombre Fire

Oh, the Ombre Fire Seriously, this is a gorgeous color combination.


Vintage Va-va-voom

Vintage Va-va-voom Emma is my queen – and, although elegant, this is an easy style to copy.


And Beachy Waves, of Course

And Beachy Waves, of Course Of course. This is like the signature style for music festivals.

Are you headed to any festivals this spring or summer? How you gonna wear your hair?

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