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Hair Tutorials for Gorgeous Black Ladies ...

By Lyndsie

I am not a woman of color, obviously. But my best friend Tialia is always sharing tips with me, hinting that she'd love to see some hairstyles and tutorials that will work for her. Truthfully, I think the internet in general needs more resources and hair tutorials for people of color. So, here are the ones Tialia and I talk about most. If there are tutorials you love, styles you adore, or tips you want to share that aren't listed here, please include them!

1 A Step-by-step for Tree Braids

This is super easy to follow, plus it's thorough. It clocks in at over 20 minutes, though, so make sure you give yourself time to watch.

2 Goddess Braids

Most aptly named braids ever.

3 Big Cornrows

These are so gorgeous. Just so intricate. That is artistry.

4 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

This video is wonderful. It shows you how to do several hairstyles quickly and easily. You might just have to watch it a few times.

5 A Beautiful Bantu Knot out

This style truly is beautiful, and there are some excellent product recommendations.

6 Round Brush Blow-out

Is there anything better than rocking your own blow-out at home? Who needs the salon?

7 The Fiercest Front Flips

If you want to give your short hair a little flourish and a lot of sass, all you need is a flawless flip.

8 This Cute Curly Pompadour

Oh, my goodness. I am in love. This pompadour really is just too cute.

9 Making and Installing Clip-ins

Yep. You read that correctly. This teaches you how to make and insert your own clip-ins.

10 French Braided Cornrows

This style is absolutely lovely. Using French braiding takes the look to the next level.

11 Pretty Box Braids

I can only imagine how much skill and patience it takes to do this style. I can barely get my part straight.

12 How-to Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are gorgeous. I mean, these are just stunning.

13 Nighttime Hair Routine

Because everyone needs one.

14 Durban Twists into an Afro

Again, I am in love. Please, if you have this style, show off photos!

15 Faux Hawk for Short Hair

Call me weird, but the only time I even like the faux hawk anymore is when I see it on women.

16 Spiked up Hair with No Heat

No heat! A stunning short style that's not so hard on your hair!

17 Updos Everywhere

Take your pick!

What's your favorite hairstyle?

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