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Instagram Inspired Holiday Party Hairstyles ...

By Sheila

Whether you're going to an ugly sweater party, a family get together or a swanky do where caviar and champagne are on the menu, you want your hair to be holiday fabulous. From effortlessly casual to updos with sparkly accessories we've got ideas for your hair to look awesome while you're making merry.

Table of contents:

  1. Side dutch braid
  2. Beautiful updo
  3. Half-up braided top knot
  4. A touch of glitter
  5. Messy lob
  6. Statement bow
  7. Intricately stunning
  8. Accessorize
  9. Short rose gold hair
  10. Fun bun
  11. Smooth and slick
  12. Headband braid
  13. Braided updo
  14. Rapunzel braid
  15. Dramatic fishtail
  16. Braided all over
  17. Natural and beautiful
  18. Braid to ponytail
  19. Cute half up hairstyle
  20. Wispy mohawk

1 Side Dutch Braid

2 Beautiful Updo

3 Half-up Braided Top Knot

4 A Touch of Glitter

5 Messy Lob

6 Statement Bow

7 Intricately Stunning

8 Accessorize

9 Short Rose Gold Hair

10 Fun Bun

11 Smooth and Slick

12 Headband Braid

13 Braided Updo

14 Rapunzel Braid

15 Dramatic Fishtail

16 Braided All over

17 Natural and Beautiful

18 Braid to Ponytail

19 Cute Half up Hairstyle

20 Wispy Mohawk

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