Gorgeous Long Bob Inspos for Girls Needing a Change This Season ...


Gorgeous Long Bob Inspos for Girls Needing a Change This Season ...
Gorgeous Long Bob Inspos for Girls Needing a Change This Season ...

Do you love your lob, or do you need a little long-bob inspo to help you with a little style refresh? I can help! I've gathered a playlist of some super-cute lob style tutorials you've got to see... better than a Netflix binge, let's watch some style videos!

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Pia's Lob

Remember when Pia had long locks? I love her lob, and this chic twist on typical lob styling is so stylish! I adore her color, too.


Marvelously Messy

This style and technique are great for adding volume to fine, thinner hair. you'd never know her hair was anything like "limp," but that's what she says.


Big Hair

Just because you have a longish bob, doesn't mean you can't have big hair, and this tutorial shows you exactly how. So... much... volume! And look at those shoes in the background... but I digress...


More Messy

First of all, I need to know who does her color... swoon! And how does she use that curling wand without burning herself? I really love this messy look, especially for second-day hair.


Beach Waves

This is my favorite beach-y waves lob tutorial... she makes it look so easy. Honestly, am I the only one who also loves her sleek lob look, the one she starts with before she styles it?


Soft Wave

Her lob is a little shorter, and she does her waves completely differently. I love this look! It's very feminine and pretty, and well, soft! I adore her middle part, too.



So her bob is much, much longer — I'm not sure I'd call it a lob really — but she also shows us a way to make waves, and her demo is solid. What do you think? Does she have a lob? Or is her hair just ... long and gorgeous?



Good lord, her hair is so shiny! And her look — softly tousled waves — is just so pretty! Could this be any easier? Just twist while wet, scrunch, let air dry, and tousle. Really? I love it!


No Heat Waves

She shows us two ways to make curls in our lobs, though again, her "before" hair is gorgeous all on its own! One of her methods (I'll call it the "Scrunch") doesn't require any heat, though her "finishing" curls do.


The Whole Style

Melissa shows us how she styles her lob, from start to finish, including all of the tools she uses. Fascinating, and so helpful! ... I'm looking for her brow tutorial now.


Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

This wee miracle in a bottle might be intimidating, but it's another easy way to style your lob, as the video demonstrates. Come on, summer! We can't have beach-y waves without heading to the beach!



This is just another version of beach hair, without the waves. Ooh, that deep side part! I have her exact cut, now I just need to try this style. And this amount of glossy shine, too, please.


Finally, the Flat Brush

Who knew a flat brush was such a handy lob styling tool? I have one in my vanity, but never used it like this. I do use that Invisible Oil; next time I blow dry I'm using my flat brush for sure! Also, I love her bobby pin tattoo.

Now I need to get some of these goodies and try a few of these styles! Which lob look do you love best?

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