13 Best Curling Irons for 2024


13 Best Curling Irons for 2024
13 Best Curling Irons for 2024

It's not easy to pick the right curling iron for your hair. There are so many choices, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. And finding hairstyle tutorials can be hit or miss. You might have to experiment with a few different curling irons before you find one that works for you and your hair type.

One size does not always fit all when it comes to curling irons. Choosing the right curling iron is as important as learning how to use it correctly. So, what makes a good curling iron? These are the features to look for when purchasing a high-quality curling iron.

First and foremost, be aware of the thermostat and heat settings. Then look for features that will help you style more easily, such as cord length and swivel function. Make sure to put the clamp to the test to see how much tension it has.The more tension there is, the better it can even out and keep hair in place when styling.

Another consideration if you have textured hair is the material. The best curling irons for smoothing textured hair while curling are titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline. Ceramic curling irons are, however much gentler on the hair and are recommended for damaged or fine hair.

When it comes to creating gorgeous curls and waves, the Hot Tools Pro Signature Gold Curling Iron (1 inch barrel) takes the cake. This tool is inexpensive but powerful enough to style thicker, coarser hair. Those with longer hair will appreciate the extra-long barrel of the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron, while those with shorter hair will appreciate Remington's Pro Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand's thin barrel. In addition, if you're looking for an investment piece that's a multi-tasking tool that will last for years, we recommend the Dyson Airwrap Styler. Yes, it's pricey, but for a device that can curl, smooth, and dry your hair, it's well worth it.

Before choosing the best curling iron for your hair, please take note of this bonus tip from professional hairstylists:

To minimize damage while using heat styling tools on hair, such as curling irons or straighteners, it's crucial to prioritize protection. Begin by applying a heat protectant spray or serum to create a barrier between the iron and your hair. Opt for a tool with adjustable temperature settings, using lower heat settings for fine or damaged hair and higher settings for thicker strands. Work in small sections, ensuring even distribution of heat, and avoid excessive passes over the same area. Allow your hair to cool before restyling, and incorporate regular deep conditioning treatments to maintain its health. Remember, moderation and protective measures are key to achieving a stylish look without compromising your hair's well-being.

Without further ado, our Top Picks for Curling Irons Available:

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HOT TOOLS Pro Signature Gold Curling Iron, 1 inch - $23.99

Aside from the low price of $23.99 on Amazon.com, the Hot Tools brand is synonymous with high quality and dependability. With a 6 foot long swivel cord, you can do your hair in any location. It can also reach temperatures of up to 430°F, allowing it to style thicker, textured hair.

Available at Amazon.com.


Conair Double Ceramic 1-Inch Curling Iron - $14.99

The turbo heat feature makes it simple to style areas that require an extra boost of heat. And, thanks to its dual ceramic plates, it distributes heat evenly throughout your hair. Grab a few to give as gifts to your girlfriends at the unbelievable price of $14.99.

Available at Amazon.com.


Revlon Salon Long Lasting Medium Curls Curling Iron, 1 inch - $24.21

The tourmaline ceramic barrel heats up in 30 seconds, which means you won't have to wait long to start styling your hair. We recommend the 1-inch barrel for flexibility because it can produce both tighter curls and loose waves.

Available at Amazon.com.


Dyson Airway Styler - $549.00

Many reviewers agree that this innovative styler is well worth the investment. It does everything from curling and smoothing to drying your hair without the use of excessive heat like traditional curlers. It's also clamp-free, which makes it much easier to use.

Available at Sephora.com.


Beachwear Co. Beachwear Pro Dual Voltage - $199.00

This patented curler created by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa is still the best for gorgeous, beachy waves. It rotates both ways, has a fabulous nine foot long cord, and automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, according to reviewers.

Available at Ulta.com.

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CHI Air Spin N Curl Ceramic Rotating Hair Curler - $71.99

You can have the curls you want effortlessly. All you have to do is place your section of hair through the barrel, press the curl button, and watch your hair automatically wrap itself around the barrel inside. Pull the iron down to release the hair after hearing three beeps.

Available at Target.com.


T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25-Inch - $150.00

For anyone with extra long hair or thick hair that takes a long time to do the curls, this curling iron may be it - thanks to its light weight. This fan-favorite iron is all of that and more. With a ceramic barrel that internally regulates its temperature to give you long-lasting curls, you can style your hair with ease (no workout required). Furthermore, it lives up to its name—there is no need to go over the same section twice.

Available at Macys.com.


Insert Waves Here The Waver - $72.00

This waver's deep grooves not only provide a subtle wave, but also help to add fullness to your look. It also has an LCD panel, which makes selecting your desired temperature simple and precise.

Available at Amazon.com.


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron - $50.00

This curling iron from BaBylissPRO features far-infrared heat, which heats the hair from the inside out, minimizing the risk of damage. It also has a titanium barrel for even heat distribution and ionic technology to keep curls smooth and shiny. It's a perfect curling iron for damaged, fragile or fine hair.

Available at Ulta.com.


Lunata Beauty Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand - $125.00

When the outlet is just a tad too far away (or you simply don't want to deal with another cord), this cordless tool comes to the rescue. This iron has four temperature settings and a removable clamp, allowing you to transform it into a wand for effortless beach waves. It comes with a rechargeable battery.

Available at Lunata.com.


Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron - $140.00

Meet your new best friend, long hair. This tool, which has an extra-long barrel, makes curling longer hair a breeze. It also aids in the retention of moisture in hair thanks to the brand's NanoIonic MX and Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat technologies. It also has heat settings that can be adjusted, an auto-shut-off mechanism, and a cool-touch grip.

Available at Sephora.com.


Remington Pro ½-1-Inch Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand - $19.00

This curling iron comes with a special trick. The crushed pearl-infused barrel creates a long-lasting curl that's smooth and bouncy in equal parts. For a consistent curl, a section of short hair easily wraps around the thinner barrel, which is about half an inch to an inch thick.

Available at Walmart.com.


Harry Josh Pro Tools Travel Curling Iron 1.25-Inches - $90.00

Nobody wants to bring a heavy tool when traveling, which is where this handy mini iron comes in. This tiny curler heats up in 30 seconds and has a nano-ceramic and tourmaline barrel to keep curls and waves smooth and moisturized—ideal for business trips and vacations alike.

Available at Dermstore.com.

Important Things to Know about Curling Irons before Purchasing:

What Material Is Best For A Curling Iron?

To protect your hair, the best curling rods are ceramic with tourmaline added. Today, the best curling iron is a ceramic-tourmaline curling iron. Ceramic is ideal for damaged hair because it does not cause as much damage as titanium. Because of the ions in the ceramic curling iron, the curling iron is less damaging. Ions also aid in hair smoothing. However, if you have thick or coarse hair, a titanium-barreled rod may be better for you.

What Size Barrel to Choose?

The general rule is that the tighter the curl, the smaller the barrel size. The curl, on the other hand, becomes looser as the barrel size increases.

What Is Tourmaline Curling Iron?

The Ceramic Tourmaline Curling Iron results in soft, shiny, and beautiful hair. Ceramic and tourmaline plates emit gentle far-infrared heat and passive negative ions, preserving hair's natural moisture, sealing the cuticle, and eliminating frizz.

Are Cheap Curling Irons Bad for Hair?

Curling irons can cause hair breakage. Heat styling tools are great for getting that perfect look, but they can also leave your hair fried and frizzy. Even though these heat styling tools can give you the desired look, they can be detrimental to your hair's health, causing breakage, damage, and drying.

Is It Bad to Use a Curling Iron Everyday?

Daily use of a curling iron can cause hair damage, especially if your hair is already coarse and dry, as it is in the case of many heat styling addicts. Heat exposure on a daily basis dries out your hair, making it more prone to split ends and breakage. The more heat you use, and the more frequently you use it, the more severe the damage.

What Temperature Should a Curling Iron Be for Fine Hair?

If you have fine or thin hair, keep your iron temperature below 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Your strands may burn if you go any higher. Curling iron temperatures should be set between 200 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit for those with coarse or thicker hair.

Are Gold Curling Irons Better?

A gold curling iron heats the hair more evenly than a chrome curling iron. However, ceramic plating is the best for heat styling tools. If a person cannot afford ceramic plating, gold is a good compromise.

What Does ION Mean on a Curling Iron?

The term ionic on your curling iron refers to the positive and negative charges that are emitted. For example, in a hair dryer, negative ions react to wet hair by crushing water molecules, allowing the hair to dry.

Is 400 Degrees Too Hot for Hair?

Unless a licensed professional is performing a special service that necessitates these temperatures, no hair should ever be subjected to heat of 400 degrees or higher. And the lower your temperature should be, the finer your hair.

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