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21 Incredibly Useful Hair Charts That Will Easily Change Your Life ...

By Neecey

Hair has a life of its own. It is also a very mercurial creature with as many emotions as you. It might wake up for a good hair day or it can wake up and be totally unmanageable, a tangled mess that takes teasing and cajoling into decent form. These charts will help you make every day a good hair day.

Table of contents:

  1. How to choose the right cut for your face shape
  2. Winning the battle for great hair starts with the right brush: welcome to brush school
  3. How to choose bangs for your face shape
  4. Apply your hair products in this order
  5. Know your type of curl so you can choose the right product
  6. Natural hair texture chart
  7. Fancy a change of color? - the 38 shades of garnier nutrisse
  8. And how the colors really turn out
  9. Natural curls demystified
  10. How long is your hair?
  11. Kinky hair
  12. What size iron do you need?
  13. Rules for curly hair growth
  14. The foods to eat for healthy hair
  15. How to use bobby pins
  16. How much product do you need?
  17. For no-poo days
  18. Want some extra volume?
  19. Hair wash decision map
  20. Now you too can master the sock bun
  21. Still having a bad hair day? wear a scarf!

1 How to Choose the Right Cut for Your Face Shape

2 Winning the Battle for Great Hair Starts with the Right Brush: Welcome to Brush School

3 How to Choose Bangs for Your Face Shape

4 Apply Your Hair Products in This Order

5 Know Your Type of Curl so You Can Choose the Right Product

6 Natural Hair Texture Chart

7 Fancy a Change of Color? - the 38 Shades of Garnier Nutrisse

8 And How the Colors Really Turn out

9 Natural Curls Demystified

10 How Long is Your Hair?

11 Kinky Hair

12 What Size Iron do You Need?

13 Rules for Curly Hair Growth

14 The Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair

15 How to Use Bobby Pins

16 How Much Product do You Need?

17 For No-poo Days

18 Want Some Extra Volume?

19 Hair Wash Decision Map

20 Now You Too Can Master the Sock Bun

21 Still Having a Bad Hair Day? Wear a Scarf!

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