Skip the Salon and Use These Hair Dye Products ...


Skip the Salon and Use These Hair Dye Products ...
Skip the Salon and Use These Hair Dye Products ...

It's hard to find the time and money to visit the hair salon. That's why you can always pick up products from the store and take care of your own hair. It's not all that hard, as long as you have these products that Elle suggest:

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Greyfree Instant Hair Color Touch up​

Greyfree Instant Hair Color Touch up​ $10 on


Roux Temporary Hair Color Touch up Stick​

Roux Temporary Hair Color Touch up Stick​ $8 on


Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-up Spray​

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-up Spray​ $29 on


Rita Hazan Root Concealer​

Rita Hazan Root Concealer​ $25 on


Color Wow Root Cover up​

Color Wow Root Cover up​ $35 on

What color is your hair currently?

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I wasn't discussing the colour, just the condition of the hair in general. Some dyes can make your hair pretty ragged.

These are all temporary solutions. Till you wash out your hair. If you want your hair colored, go to a salon and get it done wright! Because a corrective color can cost you a fortune!

Training nights are fantastic. I go to a top end salon & have my hair coloured by someone doing their training. I get my hair coloured for £10 & it helps the student with experience. It's a win win experience.

Sorry I wasn't clear ! I wasn't trying to one up you PamilaWofford!

@pamilawoffard they all say temporary touch up.. And no not all of them contain metallic salts. Some are literally just mica or dyed talc powder.

None of these ruin the hair. They are all wash off products to spray/dab on your roots to give you a few extra days before going to the salon. I have also studied hair and I love a product not mentioned but similar to the mascara looking one. But it's a gel that doesn't stain and looks natural on the hair without a waxy looking coating. But again, none of these alter the state of health or the real color of your hair. It just goes on then you wash it out. Just make sure there's no alcohol in it to avoid drying out your roots.

Coconut oil has nothing to do with the color it will turn your hair. It depends on the amounts of Pheomelanin and Eumelanin.

Coconut oil helps your hair grow. You shouldn't deep condition your hair before you color it. It helps to do it after you color your hair. I've been a hairdresser for a long time.

Yeah, skip the salon enjoy your cheaper product, and sub par hair. And then us hairdressers will see you in the salon and charge you $300 to fix it. Not smart.

If you aren't terrible it at, you should learn how to color your own hair. Going to a salon is incredibly expensive, and usually you're paying a HUGE amount of money for things you can do just as well at home. It's an art, don't get me wrong, that's why they charge as much as they do, but if you can't afford it, maybe it's best you don't go at all. It's honestly not difficult to follow the instructions and color your hair at home. But it's also easy to mess up, I guess.

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