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You want your hair to look gorgeous but you can’t afford to spend a fortune on hair products. Ever been there? I have. These’re the products that work great and won’t break the bank. I tried to include a sampling of different sorts of hair products so you’ll have some guidance, whatever your hair product needs are.

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OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo $5.79 at target.com
I’ve become quite the fan of the OGX brand. It works well and is economical. This shampoo and conditioner are under $7 for each product. This particular shampoo and conditioner duo is formulated with biotin and collagen so it’s healthy for your hair and gives it the boost of volume so many women crave. Plus, the purple package is irresistible.


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle $2.99 at target.com
Need a deep conditioner but can’t afford your favorite Amika or Macadamia brand? No worries! This very cheap deep conditioner from Aussie gets the job done and leaves your hair smelling delicious. While I love high end deep conditioners, this one truly gives them a run for their money. Additionally, there’re many different formulas of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle to choose from to suit your specific hair needs.


InfusiumPro23 Original Leave-in Treatment

InfusiumPro23 Original Leave-in Treatment $7.06 at amazon.com
Does the smell of this take you back to childhood? Many of us grew up with our mothers adding a spritz of this to our freshly washed hair. It turns out this’s another thing Mom got right. This’s a great leave in treatment. It leaves your hair silky and manageable and helps guard against breakage and split ends. This product’s a couple pennies over $7 but still very reasonable.


Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine anti-frizz Serum

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine anti-frizz Serum $4.97 at amazon.com
Serum is a must have product for many. It helps your hair to have the lovely shine you’re dreaming of as well as making frizz and fly-aways a thing of the past. A couple drops of this luxurious serum and you can transform your hair. While Moroccanoil Treatment may always be your favorite, this one works in a pinch. And the price is much prettier!


L’Oreal Hair Expertise EverCurl Hydracharge Leave-in Cream

L’Oreal Hair Expertise EverCurl Hydracharge Leave-in Cream $5.99 at target.com
If you’ve got curly locks then curl cream is probably very important in your life. In fact, it can be the most important hair product in your hair care routine. It sculpts and molds your curls into a perfect curl pattern. L’Oreal hair products are good quality for the price. I’ve had good luck with many different hair products manufactured by L’Oreal.


Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo

Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo $3.99 at amazon.com
We all need a great dry shampoo in our life and this one is top notch. It works fabulously at reviving your hair for second or third day styling. It’s also doubles as a texturizing spray for those times when you just need a little more grit to style it. It smells nice and doesn’t leave that chalky, powdery residue that so many dry shampoos leave behind. In fact, it’s a great choice for dry shampoo whether you’re being careful with your money or not.


Tresemme Expert Selection Keratin Smooth Hairspray

Tresemme Expert Selection Keratin Smooth Hairspray $6.50 at amazon.com
Tresemme has a lot of wonderful products, this one included. Lock in your style while keeping it sleek and smooth with this hairspray. Tresemme Expert Selection Keratin Smooth Hairspray gives you the staying power you want in a hairspray while fighting frizz at the same time. It also works to protect your hairstyle from environmental factors like humidity. It’s one to reach for when you need a great hairspray that isn’t at salon prices.


Finesse Shape + Strengthen Extra Control Mousse

lotion, product, body wash, skin care, FINESSE, $6.68 at ‌‌amazon.com
Imagine a styling product that was also good for your hair. This mousse offers premier hold for whatever style you choose, but it also infuses each strand with nutrients that keep your hair strong and healthy. The self adjusting formula creates the perfect hold for whatever the situation and you're going to love how great your looks and feels when you use this affordable mousse.


Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo

Dove, water, product, deodorant, lotion, ‌
$3.41 at amazon.com
You have to wash your hair so why not use a top notch shampoo that keeps it looking gorgeous every single day? This shampoo is formulated to give limp hair a brand new life. You'll have tons more volume without ever having to worry about dull hair again. If you want smooth hair that bounces all day long, you have got to try this fabulous shampoo.


Alba Botanica Hawaiian Coconut Milk Conditioner

Alba Botanica, lotion, product, skin care, alba, $6.57 at amazon.com
Coconut milk smells really good, but it also does wonderful things for your hair. This conditioner hydrates each strand of your hair, but also absorbs at the cuticle to promote fantastic growth. This 100 percent plant based product will leave your hair silky and smooth without any synthetic ingredients.

These’re 10 products under $7 that you can count on to deliver great results at low prices. What’s your favorite drugstore hair product? I can’t wait to hear your recommendations!

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Aussie 3 minute miracle is a great fast intensive conditioner. Just like Pantene, it might work well for a week but then it just keeps coating the hair especially if your oily already! You get what you pay for!

Garnier's Mega Thick mousse is amazing.

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