Easy Fixes That Are a Godsend for Girls with Greasy Hair ...


Easy Fixes That Are a Godsend for Girls with Greasy Hair  ...
Easy Fixes That Are a Godsend for Girls with Greasy Hair  ...

We know that greasy hair is an issue. It looks and feels bad and is difficult to style. Sometimes you also have to deal with extra acne around the hairline thanks to the extra oil (sebum) being produced by the scalp. Battling greasy hair is about attacking the cycle of sebum production. Shampooing too frequently and harsh products are thine enemy! Time to fix it and say goodbye to your greasy hair.

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Choose the Right Shampoo

hair, hairstyle, blond, long hair, braid, You might think you have to avoid moisturizing products because that makes things worse. Actually, your shampoo (and other hair products) should balance your hair and scalp’s moisture, so choose products that offer light moisturizing. This will keep your hair and scalp from being stripped of natural moisture and they won’t send your scalp into sebum production overdrive. You should also consider cutting down on the number of days you wash your hair.


Make Sure You Rinse All of Your Shampoo out

hair, clothing, hairstyle, brown hair, long hair, One of the best quick fixes for greasy hair is to make doubly sure that you rinse all of the product from your hair after having a shower. Any shampoo left in your hair as you begin to dry it with a blow-dryer or a towel will only serve to make it super greasy super-fast. As a general rule, you should keep rinsing for 30 more seconds after you think you have got everything out.


When You Rinse, Use Cool Water Rather than Hot

hair, human hair color, black hair, clothing, hair coloring, The heat from hot water can stimulate sebum production in your glands, and what sebum production does is make your hair much greasier, much quicker. You can also avoid extra heat by putting your blow-dryer on a cool setting or simply allowing your hair to dry in the air in a more natural way.


Use Conditioner but on the Ends Only

hair, photography, hairstyle, beauty, long hair, Choose a lightweight conditioner and apply it to the strands and tips only – do not apply it to your roots or too near your scalp. You can also use a leave -in conditioner as long as you apply to ends only.


Try Not to Use Your Hands Too Much

hair, clothing, black hair, lady, hairstyle, The more you touch your hair with your hands, the more likely it is to get greasy more quickly. The same can be said for over-brushing as the contact stimulates your glands and produces much more oil than if you just left your hair alone. Resist the temptation to fiddle and just leave it to its own devices as much as you can.


Use a Clarifying Treatment Once Every Two Weeks

hair, clothing, hairstyle, long hair, blond, When using shampoo, there can be a gradual buildup of product that gets left on your hair to make it greasy. You can eliminate this on a regular basis by using a clarifying treatment to rid your hair of any leftover shampoo that has been too stubborn to come off with multiple rinses.


Dry Shampoo is Your New Best Friend!

hair, clothing, black hair, hairstyle, beauty, It’s really quite amazing how much the dry shampoo product market has improved over the last few years. Dry shampoo wasn’t so effective in its early days, but recently there has been a lot of innovation to make the product an absolute must-have for anybody with greasy hair who doesn’t want to have to jump in the shower every single day.


Hair Powder is Also Another Alternative

hair, hairstyle, art, wood, Hair powder is another great product for those with greasy hair. All you need to do is sprinkle it around your roots and it will work to absorb the excess oil that your glands excrete.


Look to Use Volumizing Styling Products

human action, hair, photograph, person, image, If you have overly oily hair, then volumizing styling products are a good idea because they tend to have fewer oils and moisturizing proponents in their ingredients lists. Avoid products that promote shine, because they tend to have extra oil in them.


Embrace Waves and Curls if You Have Them

hair, human action, image, photography, hairstyle, Grease and oil find is a lot easier to travel down a straight hair than a curly hair, so if you tend to straighten your hair on a daily basis, you might want to change your mind and decide to embrace your natural curls instead.

You’re now ready to kick greasy hair to the curb.

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I can attest that every one of these tips work! I couldn't go 24 hours without having horrible greasy hair.

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