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Ever have one of those days where your hair just won't cooperate and you're in desperate need of some quick hair fixes? Don't fear! We've compiled some awesome tips and tricks to help revitalize your mane and make your hair look its best. Nothing's worse than a bad hair day, let alone a bad hair week, so check out these quick hair fixes and send your limp locks packing!

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Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo Dry shampoo is one of the best quick hair fixes to help revamp your 'do. Especially if you have a long night ahead of you and no chance at all for a shower in the morning, going to bed with dry shampoo in your hair will help soak up the oil and even give your hair a little bit of texture and volume. No dry shampoo on hand? Rub either some corn starch or baby powder into your roots, or wrap cheesecloth around a wide-bristle brush and the cheese cloth with soak up any excess oil and dirt!


Lifted Ponytail

Lifted Ponytail Add a little oomph to your ponytail by sliding two bobby pins about a half inch apart on the underside of your ponytail. It will look like it took hours, even though it only takes a few seconds. Easy!


Tamed Fly-aways

Tamed Fly-aways Tired of those pesky fly-aways and frizz ruining your look? Take an unused toothbrush, and spray a little hairspray on it. Next, lightly brush fly-aways down and voilà! Fly-aways-be-gone.


Sticky Bobby Pins

Sticky Bobby Pins Ever have those pesky pins fall out on you or not stay in place? Here's a tip: spray a little hairspray on them first before inserting them into your hair, and they'll grasp on to your strands much better!


Quick Curls

Quick Curls If you want to rock the curly look but are in a rush, try this method: First, put your hair in a ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Next, separate your ponytail into two sections and curl each section. Finally, release your ponytail and you'll have curled hair in less than half the time!

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Shirt Towel

Shirt Towel Rubbing your hair with a towel after getting out of the shower is a complete no-no. Instead, gently squeeze out any excess water, then use an old shirt to "towel" dry. Cotton tee-shirts are much gentler on your locks than terrycloth, especially if you avoid the rubbing motion.


Velcro Blow out

Velcro Blow out To get the look of a blow out in a fraction of the time, section your hair off as your normally would for a blow-out. Then, instead of drying hair all the way through with a brush, run a barrel brush a few times through your hair, then roll hair up in a Velcro roller. Continue drying and Velcro-rolling the rest of your hair, place a diffuser on your hair dryer, then blow over each Velcro roller for a few more minutes. Once the hair feels dry to the touch, mist with hair spray and let the rollers sit for about 10 minutes. Release the rollers after the time has elapsed, and you're good to go!



Half-wash Not a fan of dry shampoo? No problem. If your hair is in need of a quick cleaning, section off the front of your hair and pull the rest back into a clip. Next, shampoo the front of your hair in the sink, then blow dry as usual. Washing the front of your hair will give the illusion of clean hair throughout.


Braided Waves

Braided Waves For long-lasting waves, part your hair as you normally would, then braid your hair in small one inch sections all around your head. Next, take a flat iron and run the iron down the braid. The heat will help speed up the waving process. Once you've done your whole head, release the braids, and you're all set!

Especially if you're a woman on the move, there's not much time in the day to devote to having perfect hair. Sometimes we find ourselves in a pinch and need some quick hair-recovery. We hope that these tricks will help your hair look its best in no time at all! What are some of your favorite quick hair fixes?

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these tips are AWESOME. Thanks.

I really love the lifted ponytails

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Great ideas, thanks:))

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