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Summer hair problems are something that come with the warm weather. Despite this, summer is still my favorite time of year. Now that I’ve figured out how to get past those issues, I can enjoy it even more. If you dread the problems that you have with your tresses as soon as the temperature soars, you’ve totally come to the right place. I’ve gathered together some of the most common summer hair problems and what to do about them so you can get on with the joys of summertime.

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All that time you spend lounging in the sun is bound to dry out your locks. That happens to be one of the biggest summer hair problems that people report to their stylists. The sun is hot and burning so it’s no wonder that spending more time outdoors can quickly suck the moisture out of your hair. Be sure to condition your hair well every day and opt for a deep conditioning treatment regularly to boost hydration and plump up your strands.


Green Hair

If you have blonde or otherwise lightly colored hair, too much time in the pool can give your tresses a green tinge. Look for a chlorine removing shampoo and use it often to help remove the color. Rinsing your hair immediately after leaving the pool can also cut down on the appearance of the green color.


Color Fading

If you color or highlight your hair, summer can mean more frequent touch ups. Sun, sand and water combine to suck the color out of your tresses. That’s not cool, but there is hope. Use UV filtering hair products to counteract sun damage and wear a hat to protect your hair from exposure. There are so many fun hats out there so you can mix and match to create fun summer looks that will keep your hair looking fabulous.



Some people experience frizz when the weather is humid or wet, while others battle the issue when it’s hot and dry outside. If you fall into the latter category, help has arrived. The problem is often worse for people with coarse or curly hair, but using a cream or serum that blocks moisture can help. Products with oils can smooth and hydrate your strands without leaving them sticking out all over the place. Sounds counterproductive, but the experts swear it works!


Greasy Hair

There’s nothing worse than greasy strands because they leave your hair looking limp and dull. No one wants to deal with that, right? Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through the summer hoping for the fall. You can rock gorgeous hair no matter the season with the right beauty products. Opt for a hair powder that will soak up the grease and bring life back to your hair.


Limp Hair

If there’s a summertime hair issue I battle most, this is definitely it. I have very thin hair so it’s not hard to end up with limp strands. I always get a layered haircut to battle the issue, but I also love volumizing shampoo, conditioner and hairspray to plump my look and keep my hair from looking so thin and boring.


Unruly Tresses

All of the issues above combine to make it very difficult to create a style you love. Instead of just giving up (it’s tempting, I know), try a teased ponytail, a sleek side braid or a twist that corrals crazy hair and leaves you looking pulled together and fresh, no matter how hot it gets outside.

What’s your summertime hair problem? How do you deal with it? Please do all the girls out there a favor and share!

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