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Getting silky smooth hair is a challenge, but so desirable. Have you ever longed for the gorgeous, glam, glowing hair the models have in adverts? Well, here are some ways to achieve healthy silky smooth hair.

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Heat Protect

I cannot stress how important heat protection is for getting silky smooth hair, especially if your hair has been dyed. Heat protection should be applied just before using a hair dryer, straighteners (like flat irons) and curlers (hot rollers or curling irons). This will keep your hair in the best condition and prevent it from snapping, or from being overly dry.


Days off

Even if you use heat protection, you should give your hair a few days off from any heat, by letting it air dry and skipping your flat/curling irons. Why not get some salt spray and go for that beach waves look?



Water helps with everything. Drink your eight glasses a day and you will really see the shine and benefits. Hydrating the body will also make the hair grow faster!


Oil Treatment

Oil will soften brittle hair and smooth down those split ends, and the gloss and oil will help get that shine back. This will also replace those natural oils that can be lacking from over styling. To ensure that you get the best out of the oils, wash the hair, towel dry it and then apply the oils. Wrap the hair in a warm towel, leave on for an hour and the wash off. Through this process the oils and hair becomes warm, which means the pores open and the treatment can nourish the hair properly.


Beer and Apple Cider

Not only are these drinks very tasty, they actually do help your hair. I first thought that this was just a myth. However, after trying it I found that it actually does work! The beer helps remove all of the chemicals that are left in your hair from shampooing and conditioning, therefore stripping it back to its natural state. Another benefit of the beer side of things is that it adds volume to the hair, so who needs drugstore products? The apple side of things makes it smell fruity and delicious whilst adding shine and frizz control. A win-win really!



Trimming the ends off your hair will really make your hair appear healthier, as the split and dead ends will be removed and the hair will look thicker.


Keep It Clean

Even though you should try not to wash your hair too often as this can also damage it, so just wash it when it gets dirty. There is nothing worse than not having clean hair. Remember to use conditioner! To stop your hair becoming dirty quickly you can ‘train’ it. This means that leaving the hair a day longer than you normally would. You will soon see that your hair gets less greasy and you will need to wash it fewer times each week.

Whatever type of hair that you have, these tricks are sure to work. After dying my hair multiple times, I use these methods and its transformed back to healthy hair which is a relief! Using all these tips, my hair's never been softer and shinier. Do you have any more ideas for getting model locks?

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Thanks! i've dyed my hair 10 times already and it is just so rough and damaged so i been letting if grow out and trying different methods to soften it.

Getting trims is very important!

True 😊

Charity: drown and dehydrate have totally different meanings- and it is very important to drink at least 1 liter of water a day... Please stop sharing untrue facts and do some research before you comment.. Thanks!


Very useful tips. Natural products and healthy diet are very useful for silky, soft and long hairs.

Coconut oil and hot evoo treatments do the trick :)

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is a myth and can drown/dehydrate you. Drink when your thirsty.

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