7 Tips for Dyeing Your Hair Blonde ...


If you're thinking of dyeing your hair blonde, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Blonde hair can look fabulous, but it's quite easy to go wrong. You don't want it to look cheap and over-processed, or end up going to the salon to salvage a disastrous attempt at home coloring. Here are some tips on dyeing your hair blonde …

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When Not to Go Blonde …

When Not to Go Blonde … The first thing to consider about dyeing your hair blonde is whether it's actually appropriate for you. It's generally not advisable if you have darker hair, as you'll end up with obvious roots very quickly, and that looks awful. It will also be so obvious that you're not a natural blonde!


Extreme Change

Extreme Change But what if you decide to go blonde even though it's a drastic change? In that case, you would do better to get it done at a salon. They can choose a combination of shades, which will look more natural than if you colored your hair at home. And do be prepared for frequent touch-ups to keep your dark roots at bay.



Bleaching Bleaching your hair is really something that's best avoided. It's really harsh and will quickly ruin your hair. If you decide to bleach your hair, be prepared to chop it off eventually as it will end up in poor condition. Bleaching is really only for the very experimental who want a dramatic, punky look.


Skin Tone

Skin Tone You should also take your skin tone into account when deciding what shade of blonde will suit you, and whether you should go blonde at all. The darker your skin tone, the less likely it is that blonde hair will flatter you. If you're already blonde, you're likely to have a pale skin tone, so could go one or two shades lighter. But even someone with pale skin may not look right with blonde hair - I have pale skin and darkish hair, and know I'd look awful as a blonde!


Reddish Hair

Reddish Hair Look at how your hair shines in the sun. If you see reddish tones in your hair, you should be careful before dying your hair blonde - it may develop a yellow tone, rather than a lovely blonde. Look for a blonde color treatment like this one (johnfrieda.com) to cancel out any yellowy tones.


Two Shades

Two Shades If you want a natural looking color, then the advice is always to choose a color that's within a few shades of your own natural color. Go for a color that's drastically different and you risk ending up with a very unnatural look. Some people like bold color changes, but bear the 'two shade' rule in mind if you want a more natural look.



Maintenance Finally, are you prepared to keep up with the maintenance that blonde hair can require? It's not just the cost that's involved (a good hairdresser won't be cheap), but the frequency of having your roots done and color redone, and the time spent at the salon. You could be there every 6 weeks … and that's a lot of money!

Do blondes have more fun? Well, if you decide to take the plunge, come back and tell us! It can certainly look stunning. But do choose your shade carefully and be prepared for a lot of maintenance. Have you ever gone blonde and loved it or hated it?

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I need help dyeing my hair to blonde. Help pls

Please can u make a topic about hair styles for school?

Love it!!! Using good products helps a lot!!

I don't think the bleaching part is very accurate. I have really long hair and have bleached it a lot and I only cut off the ends to keep it healthy. What you said only applies if you don't know or have the proper products to protect and take care of your hair

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