7 Times Not to Cut Your Hair Short ...


If you're thinking of getting a haircut, take into account there are certain times not to cut your hair short. Going for the chop can be very liberating, but you should do it for the right reasons. So when should you abstain from getting that elfin crop or boyish cut? Here are the times not to cut your hair short …

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You're Not Certain

One of the times not to cut your hair short is when you're not quite certain that you really want it short. You can't change your mind and make it grow back instantly! It will grow back, but that will take time. So give it plenty of thought, especially if you are thinking of going from long hair to short.



I've learned this from experience - winter is not the time to cut your hair short! Unless you live somewhere warm like Florida, you'd do better to wait until spring to go for the chop. When the weather is cold, it's a bit of a shock to suddenly have an exposed neck!


Because of a Man

Cutting your hair short is a popular way of dealing with the end of a relationship. It's a way of acknowledging the change in your life and beginning to move on to a new stage, especially if he loved your long hair and was against you cutting it short. Be wary of cutting your hair if you might regret it though. And never cut it because a partner is trying to persuade you.


You're Drunk

Getting a tattoo may seem like a great idea when you're drunk, but some people live to regret it when they sober up. Nor is it a time to cut your hair! But although you're unlikely to go to the salon when you're drunk, you may decide that you want a short cut while under the influence. Think about it carefully once you've sobered up.


You Follow the Old Testament

If you're an Old Testament kinda girl, you should probably think twice about going for the chop. It seems that Leviticus has some prohibitions on getting your hair cut short. This is apparently down to short cuts being popular with the heathens, which a good follower of the Lord shouldn't want to emulate (source: biblehub.com).

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I cut my own hair, and am pretty happy with the result. But if I were to want a shorter cut than jaw length, I would go to a salon to get it done. Short cuts need precision and care to get it right - you can't keep trimming a bit more, like you can with a longer, straighter cut. So go to a salon if you want to cut your hair short.


On a Wednesday

Yes, apparently it's considered bad luck to cut your hair on a Wednesday - in Thailand, anyway. This may be down to the King getting his own hair trimmed on that day, or Wednesday being the day of agriculture (and therefore bad luck for a trim of any kind).

Does anyone remember the 'Girl's World' head that you could make the hair grow long again? Until we work out how to do that with human hair, wait until you're really certain before going for a short cut. Have you ever had a short cut and really hated it, or was it the best thing you ever did?

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Haha, I remember the Girl's World head! I had I've, coloured the hair with felt tip pens then chopped it all off! And only last week my friend's little girl came downstairs with a Girl's World head and I coaxed her to get out the pens. We set to work! :)

Yeah. I cut my hair in the winter. Not a good decision.

Hair does grow back you know

Grew my hair very long over the years. Either tied it back or up in a chignon. I then had a pixie cut and kept it even though in lat 70 s.and it's now grey. it's bliss ! Wash and go,tussled with fingers and seldom use a brush and never comb. Freedom !

Super lame post.

#5 and #7...wtf?

I agree no one would understand tbis article until they have been there , bad hair cut effects u alot

I like to grow out my hair & get it cut professionally then donate the hair to Locks of Love.

Cutting my hair short (proud pixie girl!) was really liberating for me. Not only does it suit me, but it's super easy to style!! I do not miss the 30 min blow drying sessions! Plus, it's just hair so if anyone is considering it, just go for it!! :) you might hate it or love it! Whatever the out come it's better than always wondering! Although, if you do have some anxiety I would go first with a bob (very chic) that way if you don't like it, it's much faster to grow out rather than pixies!

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