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Have you ever heard any really great tips for brushing your hair? Yeah, that probably sounds a little strange. I mean, everyone knows how to brush their hair, right? Wrong. It seems that technique we developed at about age three, when we wanted to do it "by myself", isn’t the best. I’ve been quizzing London’s best and brightest hairdressers, and here are the tips for brushing your hair that they wish everyone knew.

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Don’t Brush from Root to Tip

It’s actually really bad for your hair. Starting at the roots and pulling down is damaging to hair, stretching it and pulling it out of the follicle. So what should you be doing instead? Don’t worry, backcombing isn’t about to get a revival. Simply start two inches from the tips of your hair, and work out tangles. Then start three inches above, and four, until you can brush down all the hair with no knots (and no damage). It seems more complicated when you first try it, but it’s one of the best tips for brushing your hair that you’ll ever hear.


Keep It Dry!

When your hair gets wet, the hair fibers fill with moisture and stretch This makes each strand of hair weaker, which means brushing wet hair causes a lot more damage. Allow your hair to dry properly before you brush it, so that you don’t cause a large amount of unnecessary damage. If you have to detangle wet hair, use a very wide toothed comb and do the very bare minimum. It’s really worth waiting!


Brushing First

I’m bad at this one! My paddle brush is my best friend, and I’m not the only one who uses them for detangling. Truth is, though, we shouldn’t be. A wide tooth comb and a detangling spray will work much better, and it’ll keep your hair in great condition. If you’ve got thick hair, you find find a detangling cream is more effective, or a lotion for mid-way hair.


Over Brushing

In ye olden days, women used to sit combing their hair for hours. They’d count to 100, and then start again. Over-brushing won’t give you luscious locks, though. In actual fact, it’ll lead to breakage, and could leave your hair weak and thin. Focus on good quality brushing, rather than the quantity of strokes.


Your Brush

Did you scrimp on your brushes? You could pay the price later. Synthetic bristles can be harsh on the hair, and lead to more damage. Instead, opt for natural boar bristle brushes. Not only will they reduce damage and make your hair look smoother and softer, but they’re brilliant at distributing hair oil all the way down the hair shafts.


Static Shock

Static shock can be fun, if you’re playing with friends. Brushing too often can cause this, which might be why you sometimes feel a bit buzzy if you’ve brushed your hair for a while. Before you start brushing, spritz your hair using a light hairspray, or put a few drops of a hair oil onto your fingers and run them through your hair. You’ll reduce shock.


Dirty Bristles

Another of the common tips for brushing your hair is to wash your brushes! Everyone knows that they should clean their makeup brushes, but hair brushes get ignored. Bristles clog up with hairs, as well as product, which means everytime you brush, you drag product residue down your hair. To keep them cleaner, try pulling out the excess hair, and washing the brush under warm water. A gentle handwash or shampoo will ensure the brush is clean, and then dry well before using again.

I’ve been practicing all of these tips for brushing your hair recently, to see what difference they make. Bizarrely, I started getting compliments before I even noticed a difference, and my hair does now look softer and smoother, as well as being more glossy. I definitely approve! Do you know any great tips for brushing your hair? I’d love to try them, too!

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The WET BRUSH Is amazing for detangling soaking wet hair and I'm a hairstylist

The worst thing to do for curly hair is to brush it dry. Keep in mind that there's A bigger audience than you'd think.

Trains the wet brush is safe for curly hair. It's actually an excellent tool to brush out wet ringlets! And for them to keep their shape. It's really gentle on your hair. The wet brush

Was taught always comb wet hair with wide tooth comb

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