What You Need to Ask Your Hairdresser before She Grabs Those Scissors


There are some questions your hairdresser will love to answer. Her goal is to help you have the best hair possible. After all, you’re a walking advertisement for her business. Consider some of these questions to ask your hairdresser at your next appointment.

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Will This Cut Work for Me?

You can see a haircut on someone and fall in love with it. But you have to remember that it isn’t going to look exactly the same on you. I think this is so easy to forget. Certain cuts favor certain face shapes better than others, as well as certain cuts working better on certain hair types and textures. Your hairdresser is the best person to answer this question for you.


How do I Style This Cut?

Okay, you’ve found your perfect cut and you’re so excited about it. But there’s a problem. You don’t exactly know how to style it. Ask your hairdresser! She’s the gal with the know-how. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a little bit of instruction can make for your look.


What Products Should I Be Using?

Some women are hesitant to ask this question because they’re afraid their hairdresser will lecture them on how they should only use salon products. And while this is possible, it’s not likely. Most hairdressers are happy to point you in the direction of some good products for your hair without sounding condescending. It could be a mix of salon and drugstore products. My hairdresser has given me some recommendations for both.


Will This Color Work for Me?

Before you have your hairdresser take you from brunette to platinum, you might consider asking if it’s the best color choice for you. Being open to her expert opinion can save you months of heartache. You often don’t know how emotionally attached you are to your current hair until you’ve had a hair disaster. If your hairdresser doesn’t think what you’ve got in mind will work then ask her for some suggestions. She may have a color suggestion you’ll love.


Is My Hair in Good Condition?

You handle your hair every day so it can be difficult to tell if it’s in good condition. Damage can happen to your hair slowly, such as the kind that occurs from styling tools. That makes it difficult to notice. It’s good to ask your hairdresser if your hair’s healthy. If it isn’t, she can offer you some suggestions on what to do about it.


What Hair Tools do You Use to Style My Hair with?

Do you love how your hair looks when you leave the salon? It may have a lot to do with the hair tools your hairdresser uses. Ask her what she’s using to style your hair. She’ll probably be happy to share the information with you. The right hair tools can make a huge difference in your hair.


Do You Have Any Other Tips for Me?

It’s good to leave the door open for your hairdresser to give you any other advice she feels is helpful. There may be something she’s hesitant to mention but could really be helpful to you. Asking her this question can give her the encouragement to share with you. Get all the helpful information you can from your hairdresser. It can help you look your best.

These are 7 questions to ask your hairdresser. What helpful advice has your hairdresser given you? Your comments are always welcome!

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I am a stylist. A reputable salon will have a consultation with the client before the service.

Also never me hesitant to ask your stylist. Also if you are going from a dark hair color to a platinum color, give your stylist the information of how many times powder lighter had been applied to your hair.

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