Want Bouncier Younger Looking Hair for Longer? Tricks to anti-Age Your Hair ...


Your hair is your crowning glory. It is also something that can give away your age or even make you look older - and I don’t just mean by it turning gray. We all crave shiny, lustrous tresses full of bounce that scream health and vitality. And to keep that for as long as possible, here’s what to do:

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Take Care of Your Scalp

Your scalp is an extension of your skin. It will experience aging effects, so it is important to look for conditioners and shampoos with ingredients such as panthenol, vitamin E, and coconut oil, which have anti-aging effects on your scalp and add shine as well.


Pump up the Volume

Use a volumizer to make your hair look fuller and bouncier. Just be sure to select a good one that contains wheat amino acids.


Use the Right Tools

You will end up damaging your hair if you rely heavily on hot tools for styling. You can make other smart choices to limit the damage and anti-age your hair. One simple step is to replace your regular flat iron with one that utilizes vapor technology. Some of these newly designed irons give you the option of pouring the essential oil into the side compartment to hydrate your hair.


Prevent Heat Damage

It is true that air-drying is the best choice, but sometimes, you cannot get a polished look without a blow dry. Just be sure to use a good heat protection spray before styling. Opt for the one that packs vitamins A and C because it will help fight free radicals. It should also contain biotin for strength and hydrating marine botanicals to add some moisture to your hair.


Fix Dull Locks

You can avoid dull locks as you grow older by using hair oil. Some professionally made hair oil products work amazingly well to soften coarse strands. Just be sure to apply a few drops only to get a high-gloss finish.


Make Natural Movement Possible

You should bear in mind that hair with textured waves or natural movement will always look younger than stiff straight styles. For this, you can buy a bottle of texturizer, which will make you feel as if you have more hair on your head.


Fix Hair Thinning

Of course, you can always use volumizing sprays to treat thinning, but you can find several other quality products that treat hair thinning and strengthen your hair. Opt for the one that uses a standard 2% formulation.


Go for a Pony

A sleek ponytail will have anti-aging effects on your hair as well as on your face. It can lift your brows and pull up your skin to hide the sag. Simply apply a shine serum and then flatiron your strands for straightness. Use a brush and secure the tail carefully.


Cover Grey Hair

You can find some good products to cover up grey hairs, especially when you have them close to your hairline. A combination of a mascara wand and comb will help keep the pigment stick to the surface of your hair. Hair color sprays are also a good fix for grey hair.


Go Professional

You can definitely try a number of home remedies and tricks to improve the overall look and shine of your hair, but there's nothing compared to a professional treatment to tackle with frizz. A professional treatment will help eliminate frizz and make day-to-day styling a lot easier too.

Look after your hair and it will look gorgeous for longer. How important is the way your looks to you?

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@Kams, agree, I've seen loads of people losing their hair on the forehead because of always wearing their hair tied.

Great article thanks

I like this app.peace

You will lose hair with a ponytail. I had a big bald patch growing up as I always wore my hair in a ponytail. As soon as I stopped doing ponytails, my hair started filling in over the years.

Shoulda done an article about dandruff

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