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Tips for hydrating hair change as the seasons change. Hydrated hair is healthy hair and that translates to shiny, bouncy locks that turn heads everywhere you go. Fortunately, there are loads of ways to keep your hair looking radiant and fresh. Tips for hydrating hair is just one of them, but it’s a pretty important one. That’s why I’ve gathered some of the easiest ways to do this so that you can have the strands you want all through the fall. Check them out!

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Use Dry Hair Products

One of the best tips for hydrating hair is to seek out products specially designed to moisturize your strands. When fall rolls around, switch out your regular shampoo, conditioner and styling products with those that are formulated for dry hair. You can find this out by reading the packaging on the products. Easy, right?


Use a Deep Conditioner

You don’t have to do this every day, but once a week is highly beneficial for dry hair. There are plenty of options at drugstores, but you can also talk to your stylist about one that works for your hair type. This treatment involves applying the deep conditioner to your hair and allowing it to do its work for about 30 minutes. Then you rinse and you’re done. Hello, shiny hair!


Air Dry

I know this will make you devoted blow dryer users cringe, but the truth is that heat styling isn’t going to do anything good for dry hair. I know the wonders of using the blow dryer, but I’ve made the switch to air drying my hair and I can attest to how much healthier it looks. In fact, I haven’t battled a split end in ages. You might even decide you like the natural texture of your hair.


Cut Back on Heat

Speaking of heat styling, it’s also a good idea to minimize how much you use hot rollers, your flat iron, curling iron or any other heat styling tool you have. I admit that I haven’t quit entirely, but I try to limit the hot rollers to special occasions and I only use the flat iron to smooth my bangs. Hey, you’ll have so much extra time in the morning if you go with your natural hair.


Brush Gently

Vigorous brushing is not good for hair, especially dry, brittle strands. However, gently brushing your hair helps distribute the oils throughout, which offers hydration for the full length of your hair. Never, ever brush wet hair though because that can cause all kinds of damage. Instead, brush your hair once or twice per day, when it’s fully dry. Otherwise, use your fingers or a wide toothed comb.


Eat Right

The health of your hair absolutely depends on what you eat. That’s because the nutrients in food supply all of the body’s needs. That means that you should be eating a diet that contains a healthy mixture of foods from each of the food groups. That also means limiting junk food. That way your body gets what it needs on a daily basis. What an easy way to keep your hair healthy, right?


Wear a Hat

Cold air can do a number on your hair, so if you plan to spend time outside for any amount of time, slap a cute hat on your head. Not only does this protect your strands from the damage that cold, dry air can do, but it also keeps you warm. There are tons of adorable hats out there so you won’t even have to sacrifice your style.

Do you suffer from dry hair in the fall? I hope these steps help you take the best care of your hair that you can and that you always look fabulous no matter what season it is. Do you have any other great tips for hydrating hair?

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Sleep with olive oil in your dry hair once a week. Or put it in your hair and wrap in a towel while you do house work for a few hours. I have dry naturally curly hair and it works great. Just make sure it's extra virgin olive oil

Hot oil treatments work so well on my hair!! Deep conditioning works very well to, my second favorite way to moisturize.

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