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7 Ways to Repair Damaged Hair Caused by Bleaching ...

By Alicia

If you have had a bad experience with bleach then you are more than likely searching for ways to repair damaged hair. Bleaching is something many women do but it can result in damage to your hair. This damage can be hard to repair. These are some ways to repair damaged hair that you can use to restore your hair to its pre-bleached state.

1 Condition, Condition, Condition

Conditioner is your best friend when you are looking for ways to repair damaged hair. Damaged hair has been stripped of its natural oils. Conditioning helps to replace what is missing. To get the most out of your daily conditioner, leave it on 3-5 minutes while you are in the shower. Also, be careful to not rinse it out too thoroughly.

2 Take Your Conditioner to the Next Level

Daily conditioner is very important. But you can also take your conditioning up a notch by trying this suggestion. Buy a good deep conditioner and leave it on your hair for 20 minutes after washing. You can wrap it in a warm towel to help the conditioner work even better. If you need a recommendation on what the best deep conditioner is for your hair, ask your hair stylist.


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3 Try Some Oils

Oil is something you have to use carefully on your hair. Too much of it will make it look like your hair is dirty. This happens more easily to those with fine, thin hair. But you can successfully use oil on your hair to help repair the damage by applying it mostly to the ends. That is generally where most of the damage is concentrated anyways.

4 Stop the Heat Styling

Heat styling allows us to do beautiful things with our hair, which is why we love it so much. But if you are trying to help your hair repair from bleach damage, you want to shy away from heat styling for awhile. Let your hair air dry instead of using the hairdryer. Cut your use of flat irons and curling irons back to when you are going out, or don’t use them at all. If you absolutely cannot give up your heat styling, at least turn the heat down on it.

5 Treat Your Hair Gently

When your hair is damaged, it is fragile. It does not have the normal elasticity hair generally has. Therefore, it is prone to even more damage if you handle it roughly, so handle your hair with care. Be careful how you comb and style it. The good news is that you only have to use this sort of caution temporarily.

6 Give It Time

Give your hair time to bounce back from bleach damage. All of these measures will help but it will not recover immediately. The good news about hair damage from bleach is that it will grow out. This is not a permanent issue for your hair. Remind yourself of that fact when you are really feeling discouraged over your hair.

7 Go for a Cut

There are times when you have dealt with bleach damage as long as you can stand. When that time comes, you may decide to go for a new haircut. This is an easier way to deal with bleach damage if it is only on the ends of your hair, such as the way an ombre color job would leave your hair. Otherwise, you may have to wait awhile until the bleach begins to grow out. Sometimes sacrificing a longer style for a shorter, healthier one is a good trade off.

These are some solutions for when you are dealing with hair damage from bleach. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of hair damage from bleach? How did you help your hair recover?

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