7 Hair Dyeing Video Tutorials to Help You Master It ...

A hair dyeing video might not sound like an ideal way to pick up some wicked skills, but browse YouTube and you’ll find plenty of both pros and amateurs doing their best to show you how to do awesome things on your own. A crafty woman can learn a lot by absorbing this freely given knowledge, and wouldn’t it be cool if we could rock superb coloring jobs for a fraction of the price? Hope you’re ready to learn, girls, because I’ve got a great hair dyeing video (or few) to share!

1. Balayage/Ombre Highlights

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This hair dyeing video is an absolute must see and trust me, ladies – you can do this at home! I touch up my ombre using this technique every couple of months and it really makes the whole look more natural and sort of professionally-done. Applying your dye this way takes hardly any skill and once you’ve decided where to start and which sections to do, you’ll be done and ready to tone in no time!

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